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Children’s Hospital Colorado

Children’s Hospital Colorado

Convalescent plasma isn’t quite the coronavirus miracle treatment it was supposed to be. What happened?

Demand for plasma from COVID-19 survivors is low in Colorado, and Denver Health quit using it to treat patients. Now researchers suspect it could help people when they first get sick.

Now that the coronavirus vaccine is here, public health agencies must convince Coloradans to take it

At least 70% of Coloradans must get the shot to achieve herd immunity, but it will take more than a $1 million marketing budget to build credibility

You need a flu shot this year. Here’s a guide to help you find one in Colorado.

Health officials are urging everyone to get a flu vaccine this year to limit the strain on hospitals from a potential flu-coronavirus double whammy

Colorado’s struggle to improve school vaccination rates shows the challenges ahead for a coronavirus vaccine

Before the pandemic hit, the state finally pushed its kindergarten vaccination rate above 90%, but access to health care and pockets of resistance are still issues

2 Colorado deaths attributed to multi-system inflammatory syndrome, the child disorder linked to coronavirus

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed seven cases in the state

Opinion: WHO cuts will lead to maternal and childhood deaths across the world

Opinion: Budget cuts create opportunities — child mental health and welfare should advance

Opinion: Here’s how we can keep kids healthy during the coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus is triggering a range of emotions in Colorado kids

Kids from toddler-age on up are wrestling with unfamiliar stressors created by the coronavirus. Experts say the way adults behave can set an example that lasts a lifetime -- for better or for worse.

Colorado’s already low childhood vaccination rates plummet as parents put off doctor visits

Colorado families are avoiding vaccination appointments for fear of exposure to the coronavirus and doctors worry risk of a different disease outbreak is rising.

Opinion: The coronavirus exploits vulnerabilities associated with inequality and health disparities

If you’ve recovered from coronavirus, Colorado hospitals want your blood. It might save another patient’s life.

Children’s Hospital Colorado is the third site in the nation to transfuse a critically ill person with plasma from someone who survived the infection

Colorado blood supplies approach critical levels as coronavirus-wary donors stay home

Dozens of blood drives have been canceled, and donors are now being asked if they have been in countries beset by COVID-19

Colorado opened one of the nation’s first drive-through testing sites for coronavirus. This is what it looked like.

Gov. Jared Polis said the state must “exponentially scale testing as immediately as we can.”

A decade into the opioid crisis, Colorado hospitals have changed the way they treat opioid-exposed babies. And it’s helping.

Colorado newborns are now less likely to get methadone and more likely to room with their moms

Colorado lawmakers failed to pass a bill to improve immunization rates in 2019. Here’s what’s new this year.

Hundreds of people, many of them opposed to vaccines, filled the Capitol hallways Wednesday to testify on a bill that makes it harder to get an exemption

Opinion: Colorado’s clear 2020 vision for newborn screening of spinal muscular atrophy will save lives

Opinion: Protect Colorado’s Medicaid, CHP+ enrollees amid federal pressure

Colorado hospitals just avoided tens of millions of dollars in federal funding cuts — but it might not last

The cuts would most affect hospitals like Denver Health that care for a lot of uninsured patients

This miracle drug was designed and manufactured for just one person — a 9-year-old Boulder girl

Mila’s medicine catapulted precision drugmaking into the future, cutting a path for other children with rare genetic diseases, her doctors say

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