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child care

child care

Opinion: Colorado has a secret weapon to help struggling child-care providers

“If we close, you can’t go to work”: Colorado child care centers poised for a big infusion of state money

More women than men have left the workforce and not returned since the pandemic. Lack, or fear, of child care is to blame.

Colorado child care centers see rise in coronavirus outbreaks as disease spreads across Denver area

Unlike schools, many child care centers have been open during most or all of the pandemic

Lack of child care prevents moms from getting drug treatment in Colorado. Here comes “RV Honey.”

The first-of-its-kind program will send RVs renovated as child care classrooms to drug and mental health centers in Denver and the San Luis Valley.

Are you a Colorado child care provider who’s open for business? The state has money for you.

The goal is “to create somewhat of a support system around these small businesses as much as we can.”

Opinion: Child care in Colorado was ready for reinvention, COVID-19 now demands it

Opinion: Now’s the time to dismantle the systemic racism in our schools

Even as Colorado child care centers reopen, their long-term survivability is at risk

Under new restrictions, child care facilities can have no more than 10 kids per room. That means fewer spots for parents -- and less profit for providers.

She closed her Colorado child care center because of coronavirus. Now, she’s wondering if she’ll ever reopen.

Bill Jaeger, vice president of early childhood and policy initiatives at the Colorado Children’s Campaign, said he’s concerned the industry — where providers already operate on the thinnest of margins — could collapse

How Colorado lined up child care for 1,000 essential workers in one week

As frontline workers step up to care for coronavirus patients, child care providers are stepping up to care for their children.

Colorado child care centers fear for their survival as coronavirus brings closures, enrollment dips

The pandemic is testing the stability of the state’s child care system -- one that will be critical to an economic recovery.

Opinion: Parenting is tough enough. Here’s a way to help Colorado families get ahead.

Opinion: Early childhood support is vital for Colorado families

Colorado built a system to measure child care quality. Now, it wants more providers to climb the ratings ladder.

State leaders say they’re pleased that more than half of the state’s child care and preschool programs have moved beyond Level 1, but plan to survey providers in the coming year to learn more about the system’s sticking points`

Opinion: Colorado babies cry out for policy changes