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Two Coloradans just returned from providing aid in Ukraine. It’s not a matter of if they’ll go back again, but when.

As the war in Ukraine unfolded, Taras Overchuk couldn’t stand watching from his Highlands Ranch home any longer. On March 4, just before he boarded a plane at Denver International Airport, his voice quivered and his breaths deepened as he explained that he would first land in Germany, before flying to Poland, where he would […]

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A Colorado county asked residents to share their coronavirus stimulus money. The response was overwhelming.

People who live on Colorado’s rural Eastern Plains are socially distant as a matter of course, but the pandemic has brought them close as a community. When state-mandated shutdowns of restaurants and other businesses deemed non-essential began, residents of Phillips County knew they had to figure out a way to help make sure that when […]

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Stuck at home during the coronavirus outbreak but want to help here in Colorado? Here’s how.

Even if we’re self-quarantined or engaging in some serious social distancing, we’re still a community. And as more and more of us settle into this new normal, we’re bound to find that we’re hungry for ways to feel like we’re making a difference — even as we spend hours on end within the confines of […]

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Sometimes startups need advice more than capital, and that’s where Colorado’s BEN steps in

A month before announcing a new $80 million investment in his travel tech company, Brian Egan knew he needed help to manage this next stage of growth. At the invitation of a low-profile business organization that focuses on fast-growing companies, the cofounder of Evolve Vacation Rental shared his quandary with a group of seasoned entrepreneurs […]

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Thousands of usable iPhones trashed by one Colorado firm because well-meaning donors forgot to turn off “Find my iPhone”

In neatly sorted stacks and bins in a warehouse in Lafayette, 3,378 smartphones and tablets are waiting to be trashed. They are all used, all donated in the past three weeks, and most are in fine working condition. There are even four Apple iPhone Xs. But this batch of iPhones and iPads won’t join the […]

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Donations to Colorado charities fell flat last year and some are blaming Trump’s tax law

For the first time since it began in 2010, Colorado Gives Day saw donations fall flat last year. Local nonprofits had already experienced declines, like Goodwill Industries of Denver, which saw contributions sink by 20 percent in the prior year. Colorado nonprofits overall landed with a thud, according to new state data showing no growth […]