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Opinion: Removing trees from Colorado forests will not prevent wildfires from burning

The large wildfires we have experienced in Colorado and across the West threaten our homes while risking — and all too often, taking — the lives of residents and firefighters. Scientists studying the phenomenon know these big fires are the result of high temperatures and drought exacerbated by climate change and coinciding with high winds.  […]

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Opinion: Protect the Dolores River

The Dolores River in southwest Colorado flows through one of the largest undeveloped landscapes in the state, a region critical for wildlife migration, biodiversity, cultural resources, and outstanding recreational opportunities. Legislation to permanently protect a portion of the landscape has been thoughtfully crafted by a diverse, local group of stakeholders over the last decade and […]

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Colorado’s largest wild horse roundup in history ends with 864 captured animals, and plans for ongoing fertility control

The third large-scale helicopter roundup of Colorado mustangs within a year ended Tuesday in dusty sagebrush country on the far western edge of the state, part of a massive effort by federal land managers to thin the wild horse population across the West. Wranglers and a helicopter pilot herded and trapped 864 stallions, mares and […]

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More than 400 wild horses captured in first week of western Colorado helicopter roundup, despite objection from top state officials

It took federal land managers about a month to capture 18 wild horses by hiding in the sagebrush not far from a corral baited with food and fresh water. In a week, a helicopter buzzing across the rugged prairie of western Colorado has captured more than 400. The efficiency of a helicopter roundup is the […]