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Biden administration

Biden administration
Biden administration

FAA to give Denver airport $60M to upgrade terminal, bag-handling system

The Biden administration is giving nearly $1 billion to 85 airports to expand and upgrade, with the biggest grant going to Denver International Airport


Federal judge throws out Trump-era rollbacks on endangered species

Environmental groups “incredibly relieved" at Northern California judge's ruling; feds to reinstate blanket rule mandating additional protections for newly classified species


Biden waives solar panel tariffs, seeks to boost production


Biden administration increases oil and gas royalty rate, scales back lease sales

The royalty rate for new leases will increase to 18.75% from 12.5%. That’s a 50% jump and marks the first increase to royalties for the federal government since they were imposed in the 1920s.


Federal appeals court sides with rafting outfitters, who do not have to pay guides $15 an hour

Colorado rafting outfitters in December sued the Biden Administration over a minimum wage rule for federal contractors, arguing they were not contracted workers and the wage increase should have gone through Congress.


Colorado to request $25M in federal aid to help clean up its more than 1,200 orphan wells

The Department of Interior is handing out nearly $1.4 billion to states across the U.S. to help clean up abandoned oil and gas wells. Texas got the largest grant, at nearly $108 million.


Judge rejects Colorado rafting outfitters’ lawsuit protesting mandatory minimum wage for guides

Arkansas Valley Adventures, Colorado Rafting Outfitters Association sued Biden to block rule requiring at least $15 an hour for federal contractors.


Biden decries Trump backers as “dagger at throat” of democracy

Thursday marked the anniversary of the deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol

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Biden administration moves to expand solar power on public land in Colorado

The Bureau of Land Management issued a call for development within “solar energy zones” in Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico that combined cover about 140 square miles


Wolves may need protections after states expand hunting, Biden administration says

The position is an abrupt turnaround for agency officials who spent years in court defending their decision under the Obama administration to allow wolves to be hunted and trapped


Biden turns to Colorado to pitch investments in clean energy to combat climate change

The trip to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden will cap off the president’s two-day swing to the West


Littwin: Why have the world’s greatest military if we don’t use it to evacuate all Americans and Afghan allies?

Rep. Jason Crow wants America out of Afghanistan, but not while leaving behind those who helped us fight the forever war

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U.S. Supreme Court allows evictions to resume during pandemic

The court's conservative majority blocked the Biden administration from enforcing a temporary ban that was put in place because of the coronavirus pandemic.


Biden administration backs end to wolf protections but hunting worries grow

Wolves under federal protection made a remarkable rebound in parts of the U.S. over the past several decades, after being driven from the landscape by excessive hunting and trapping in the early 1900s


Interior Department launches review of climate damage from coal mining on public lands

The review also will consider if companies are paying fair value for coal extracted from public reserves in Colorado and other Western states


Littwin: Joe Biden made the right call in leaving Afghanistan. If only he’d known how to pull it off.

In his speech, Biden gave a forceful explanation for why it was long past time to end the war in Afghanistan. But he offered no real explanation for how the ending turned into chaos.

Opinion Columns

“A lot of complex feelings”: How 3 Colorado veterans who served in Afghanistan feel about the country’s collapse

Forty Coloradans died in the war in Afghanistan. Fort Carson in Colorado Springs lost nearly 100 soldiers to the conflict.

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Biden administration to appeal order blocking oil, gas lease pause

The moratorium was imposed after Biden signed executive orders on Jan. 27 to fight climate change


Democratic Colorado congressman on Afghanistan: “We didn’t need to be in this position”

Jason Crow, an Army veteran who fought in Afghanistan, says the U.S. must work hard to evacuate as many Afghans who helped American troops as possible

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“We need to provide a path forward for clarity”: Interior Secretary Deb Haaland visits new Bureau of Land Management HQ in Grand Junction

Haaland said one of her first goals was to consider the well-being of the agency as she thinks about the future of its headquarters

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