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Golden eagle lovers fear a new Loveland bike path will scare off the Colorado treasure

LOVELAND – Diane Kristoff is busy explaining the complexities of raptor forage, open space planning and conservation easements when a 10-pound tangle of brown feathers soars in to simplify her day.  One of the golden eagles Kristoff has been watching every week for three years lands in a cottonwood a quarter-mile away, across rolling meadows […]

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Colorado businesses relied on sidewalk extensions to make a profit during COVID. They may be here to stay.

DURANGO — From their office overlooking Durango’s main drag, marketer Maggie Kavan and architect Michael Carrier watched in the spring of 2020 as the pandemic closed businesses and emptied out downtown. And they saw how restaurants responded by erecting a hodgepodge of outdoor seating areas, some of which seemed unsafe or created a messy look.  […]

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Colorado gave local governments more power to regulate oil and gas. And some are using it.

Empowered by a new state law and regulations, towns, cities and counties across the Front Range are flexing their muscle and moving to regulate oil and gas operations that come to town. Two years ago this month, sweeping legislation was signed into law reorienting Colorado’s approach to regulating oil and gas development. That in turn […]

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Rennie Davis, “Chicago Seven” activist, dies at 80 in Berthoud

By James Anderson, The Associated Press Rennie Davis, one of the “Chicago Seven” activists who was tried for organizing an anti-Vietnam War protest outside the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago in which thousands clashed with police in a bloody confrontation that horrified a nation watching live on television, has died. He was 80. Davis […]