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“Finding My Way” winds through one woman’s battle with her family’s secrets

PROLOGUE 2019 Whenever I open one of the fabric-covered photo albums my mom saved, I find myself tracing the scalloped edges of each picture, captioned with the narrow cursive of my mom’s writing. 1957—Hoffman’s Farm, 1960—Queen Mary. Though I’ve looked through this album, and the others she kept, countless times, I am continually hoping that […]

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Silverman: Former Mayor Federico Peña still makes Denver proud

Election Day weather in Denver was extraordinarily snowy on May 17, 1983, apropos for the defeat of long-serving Mayor William McNichols, age 74. Mayor Bill had botched Denver’s 1982 Christmas Blizzard and finished third in the first round of Denver’s mayoral voting.  The June run-off election pitted recent Denver DA Dale Tooley, 49, against former […]

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Opinion: We don’t talk to each other enough, and that may have set us on the path to the Capitol attack

Like you, like every reasonable American, I condemn the storming of our nation’s Capitol. That being said, if you’re expecting to walk away from this holding your head high in righteousness because you’re on the “right” side of things, I think you’ll be disappointed.   I want to inspire reflection and not revulsion or superiority.  I […]

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Opinion: Trump is wrong. Fair housing is social justice, economic justice and welcome in the suburbs

President Trump is attempting to undermine the very fabric of our communities, including the diversity of our nation’s suburbs, by using unfounded, hurtful scare tactics.  In comments he made in late July, first on Twitter and then at a Texas rally, he said, “It’s been hell for suburbia” and that “people living their Suburban Lifestyle […]

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Cory Gardner wants to get rid of Obamacare. But it’s not clear what he plans to replace it with.

Cory Gardner doesn’t like Obamacare. Ask the Republican senator from Colorado about how to improve health care and the first response you’re likely to hear is that President Barack Obama’s signature 2010 Affordable Care Act needs to be repealed. It’s “destroying this country,” he once said. Ask Gardner for his plans to replace the law, […]