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Baca County

Baca County
Baca County

Eager to experience Colorado in a different way, a Boulder woman set life aside to forge a new trail across the state

Starting at the Oklahoma-Kansas-Colorado border and headed toward the state’s northwest corner, India Wood is more than halfway through her expedition. She wanted to see more than just the prettiest, most popular places.


The squawking, stomping chicken of the grasslands is back in Colorado

Lesser prairie-chickens were nearly decimated by blizzard and then drought. Now they’re back, after a four-year, joint relocation effort by wildlife biologists in Colorado and Kansas.


Rural southeast Colorado loved its landfills. After a health department deal, some will finally close

Rooted in small-town independence, the operations were a low priority for understaffed health inspectors. Faced with new concerns about groundwater, four of five will shut down in Baca County alone.