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Doctors, nurses ask Jefferson County officials to take action on leaded aviation gas at Rocky Mountain airport

By Luke Zarzecki, The Westminster Window A group of doctors sent Jefferson County commissioners a letter and a petition signed by 35 health care professionals asking the elected officials to act on leaded fuel at the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport.  The call to action comes as RMMA ranks 63rd on the top 100 lead-emitting airports […]

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Opinion: Colorado Ag can play a big role in aviation biofuels

As people who make their living off the land, Colorado’s farmers and ranchers are on the front lines of climate impacts and climate solutions. The majority of farms and ranches in Colorado have been in production for several generations. This gives agriculture producers a keen insight into the importance of protecting and stewarding our state’s […]

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A rural Colorado high school’s aerospace class is paving the runway for a new generation of pilots

Mya Diaz Soto’s phone buzzed Saturday morning with a text message from her frantic mother, who demanded to know why her 17-year-old daughter was cruising 134 mph.  Mya’s mother, who was visiting family with her father hundreds of miles away in Texas that morning, uses a smartphone app to track her daughter’s location, shows how […]

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SunLit Interview: Bravery set Michael Chowdry apart, says his wife and biographer

Michael Chowdry was born to fly. For a Pakistani boy born to modest means, though, getting airborne required unbounded self-confidence, rare determination and the courage to travel halfway around the world. He ultimately succeeded in becoming both an accomplished aviator and founder of the world’s largest all-cargo airline, Atlas Air. His wife and business partner, […]

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Opinion: Coronavirus fears have shut down Hong Kong in just a few weeks. A Colorado pilot describes the rapid changes.

Just weeks ago, hundreds of thousands of anti-government protesters thronged the streets of Hong Kong and its international airport.  Today, dozens of heavy jets sit parked on the airport tarmac with no one waiting to fly. The terminal inside is nearly deserted. Restaurants, hotels and the streets are empty. The few who do venture out […]

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Excerpt: Fascinated by flight as a child, a young Soviet girl feels the calling that will take her to war in the skies

Aimie K. Runyan celebrates history’s unsung heroines in four historical novels, including the internationally bestselling “Daughters of the Night Sky” and “Promised to the Crown.” She is active as an educator and speaker in the writing community and beyond. The following is an excerpt from Runyan’s “Daughters of the Night Sky”. Each week, The Colorado […]