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American Rescue Plan

American Rescue Plan
American Rescue Plan

Colorado’s $1 billion unemployment loan on track to be paid off by November, preventing higher tax on employers

More employers are contributing to the state’s insolvent unemployment trust fund than in 2019. But if the fund remains underfunded, employers can expect higher fees in 2024.


Opinion: Federal rescue funds show Colorado what an adequate budget looks like

But we’ll need a new state tax code to keep it, once Washington’s pandemic assistance runs out

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Opinion: While Colorado gets its mental-health act together, the village must step up

The scarcity of mental health care leaves many of us to our own devices

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Colorado lawmakers plan to overhaul unemployment system, extend benefits to immigrants as they also backfill depleted fund

A forthcoming bill would send $600 million, as expected, to tackle the trust fund’s $1 billion debt. But it also includes a handful of big changes to the unemployment system.

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Opinion: Adults who accept the suffering of others damage the emotional health of children

There’s no better therapy for kids than seeing adults work together to help others

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Colorado lawmakers know where they want to direct federal COVID funding. They just have to figure out how.

Three task forces released their final plans for spending American Rescue Plan Act money to increase affordable housing, improve mental health and boost the economy

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Southeastern Colorado struggles to attract home builders. Now federal stimulus will help add 127 homes.

Colorado counties received nearly $1.3 billion through the American Rescue Plan Act, and many are tackling their wish lists

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Colorado lawmakers still have more than $2.6 billion in federal COVID stimulus to spend

Legislative task forces have been meeting for months to discuss how to make a dent on issues like affordable housing and mental health

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Not enough kids are using Colorado’s school COVID testing program for it to work, governor says

Fewer than 5,000 kids — less than 1% of Colorado’s K-12 student population — are signed up for the state’s weekly testing program launched earlier this month


As aquifers drain, El Paso County is hoping a nearly endless loop of water can fight future shortages

Could a $134 million pipeline recycling suburban water help wean communities off depleted aquifer sources? The latest complex solution for the arid, fast-growing West.


Colorado has paid out just 7.4% of its federal rent-assistance funds

The Department of Local Affairs, which oversees the rental housing assistance program, switched vendors to speed up pandemic payments.


Littwin: Who cares if the ultra-rich have their space toys? We need to worry about what toys — and what else — poor kids lack.

The enhanced child tax credit, which reduces child poverty by 45%, expires after one year. In a Sun-hosted zoom interview, Michael Bennet pushes for a permanent solution.

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Here come the gas and delivery fees as Colorado’s governor signs $5 billion-plus transportation bill into law

Colorado lawmakers have been trying to solve the problem of boosting transportation funding for years. But Senate Bill 260 passed with almost no Republican support at the Capitol.


Housing in Boulder County — and across Colorado — is expensive. But affordable homes are more than a fantasy.

Even with myriad solutions on the table, and many people eager and able to make change, closing the affordability gap is proving to be a monumental task


Housing, workforce development, infrastructure: How Colorado Democrats plan to spend $3.8B in federal aid

About $2 billion will be allocated before the 2021 legislative session ends by June 12.

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How Colorado can — and cannot — spend the $5.7 billion in federal coronavirus stimulus heading its way

The state, counties and cities could receive payments within days. But there are limits on how the money can be distributed that elected leaders are still trying to navigate.

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Opinion: More older Colorado Hispanics lack health insurance. Here’s how we can help change that for all Coloradans.

While the Affordable Care Act has reduced the number of Colorado Latinos ages 50 to 64 who lack health insurance, many remain unable to afford an individual policy.

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Opinion: Stimulus funds should support Colorado students in need at both public and private colleges

It is shortsighted to think that the private higher-education institutions we lead do not serve the same student demographics as our public counterparts.

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Opinion: We need safer air in Colorado’s schools — but let’s be careful how we get there

Investments in indoor air quality can dramatically improve health for students, teachers, and school staff for the rest of this pandemic and the next generation.

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New Colorado health insurance subsidies open as search for people eligible but not enrolled ramps up

American Rescue Plan subsidies increase Thursday, and residents can apply through Aug. 15 for a broadly expanded menu of premium help

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