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Theo E.J. Wilson

Special to The Colorado Sun

Wilson: What white America was really saying in the 2020 election

Wilson: Joe Biden is the 45th president. Trump shouldn’t count.

Wilson: Yard signs are free speech. We have to fight to protect it — even from our own HOA.

Wilson: African immigrants often blindsided by American racial hatred

Wilson: Denver police are making the case for defunding on their own

Wilson: Restaurant closures show that coronavirus can also kill dreams

Wilson: Kudos to Gov. Polis. Federal intervention has no place in Colorado.

Wilson: It’s time to shine a light on our unconscious bias against Black people

Wilson: Stapleton finally says goodbye to a Denver klansman’s legacy

Let Benjamin Stapleton be remembered where he belongs -- in the history books

Wilson: Some of us can’t afford for the coronavirus lockdown to continue much longer

Wilson: Struggle of Love Foundation distributes food to those hit hardest by coronavirus crisis

Wilson: Black and vaxxed — a complicated history clashes with the future of Senate Bill 163

Wilson: Yes, black people care when our people kill

Wilson: Denver’s Art from Ashes transforms pain into power in struggling youth

Poetry program helps inner city kids navigate their way past depression and suicidal thoughts

Wilson: Denver’s homelessness policies reveal civic cruelty beneath shiny facade

Wilson: The Michael Hancock verdict feels like a miracle in race and American justice

Wilson: From agitator to innovator, the unlikely journey of Brandon Pryor

Wilson: Dear CSU, permitting blackface opens a racial Pandora’s box.

Wilson: Brother Jeff has created a gathering place for Denver’s African-American community

Wilson: Stuck On Stapleton? Colorado has plenty of non-racist heroes who deserve to be remembered

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