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Tamara Chuang

The Colorado Sun —

What’s Working: 24,000 unemployed Coloradans must pay back pandemic jobless benefits

Plus: More people are returning to work as the state’s unemployment rate drops to 5.9%. But what happened to all the workers?


What’s Working: As Colorado’s labor shortage blame game continues, most unemployed workers are actually back at work

Plus: A busy week at the unemployment office despite federal benefits expiring, who’s hiring and is Amazon really offering to pay for college?


Housing demand is greater than ever but Colorado is building fewer homes than expected. Here’s why.

A pre-pandemic construction labor shortage intensified last year despite a strong real estate market. There’s just not enough workers to build what was planned. The industry is focused on attracting newcomers.


What’s Working: How much federal COVID relief went to unemployed Coloradans?

It's way more than $7.9 billion. Plus: Trust fund improprieties; mixed earner mistakes and construction jobs are plentiful -- and perks are getting better.


Colorado’s COVID rent-assistance program is now paying out five times more following changes

Local governments were faster at distributing federal dollars than the state. With the national eviction moratorium over, federal and state improvements have sped up rent payments.


What’s Working: There are more job openings than Coloradans on unemployment. Matchmaking isn’t easy.

As pandemic unemployment comes to an end next week, some struggle to find a job or fear catching COVID-19. Plus: Businesses try to hire, wages are rising and what happened when some states ended federal benefits early?


Colorado has paid out just 7.4% of its federal rent-assistance funds

The Department of Local Affairs, which oversees the rental housing assistance program, switched vendors to speed up pandemic payments.


12 charts that tell you everything you need to know about Colorado’s Paycheck Protection loans

More than half of Colorado’s $15.1 billion Paycheck Protection loans have been forgiven


What’s Working: It’s a worker’s labor market in Colorado as wages rise

One Colorado Springs nonprofit dental organization that raised wages $5 to $10 an hour wonders why job applicants aren’t showing up for interviews, the labor department adds MFA, who’s hiring and more.


At least 87,000 Coloradans will lose all pandemic unemployment benefits in two weeks

Federal programs that provided aid to gig workers and those who’ve exhausted regular unemployment end Sept. 4. So does the $300 weekly pandemic bonus.


What’s Working: People say they want to work from home, but they’re returning to the office in droves

Plus: Get your foot in the door at United Airlines, an estimated 101,000 Coloradans will lose unemployment benefits on Sept. 4 and other pandemic jobs news.


What’s Working: Officials expect Colorado to have a full GDP recovery this year

Record number of new business filings, job growth and other factors fueling optimism, though admittedly, recovery is already uneven. Plus: Jobs with perks, remote work and more.


What’s Working: Desperate times for employers as 134,000 Coloradans still are on federal unemployment

As the state reports the lowest number of initial jobless claims since the pandemic began, five weeks remain of federal benefits. Plus: Eviction moratorium ends, rental housing assistance available.


Colorado governor extends some eviction protections to residents still waiting for rent assistance

The national eviction moratorium ends Saturday as thousands of Coloradans wait for promised monthly rent help


Colorado’s COVID-19 rent assistance program sees delays, fraud as eviction moratorium is set to end Saturday

Some tenants and landlords were approved for COVID-19 rental relief months ago but have still not received a payment.


What’s Working: Coloradans talk about worker shortages and livable wages

This week’s column explores what readers think about the current job and unemployment environment. See results of our poll in charts!


What’s Working: As federal unemployment ends in 7 weeks, Colorado businesses are optimistic about their pandemic recovery

Department of Labor reveals how many unemployment accounts are on hold, businesses still struggle to find workers and a CU business school report finds that sales are back to pre-pandemic levels at half of businesses surveyed


Colorado business chambers prepared for the worst during coronavirus. It turns out things weren’t so bad.

Rampant business closures did not happen among members of local business chambers. Some say membership rose as businesses received federal aid and looked for help weathering the COVID storm.


What’s Working: When a 6% unemployment rate feels like 2.5% — is there a labor shortage in Colorado?

Plus: Job perks and flexible schedules point to employers doing more to attract workers; the PUA reset; housing crises on Western Slope; and Colorado Jumpstart pays $4.1 million to the newly employed


Colorado sees claims for unemployment benefits double in June. Officials suspect fraud.

State steps up review of fraud as 26 other states end some or all federal unemployment benefits early. Colorado labor officials believe the increase is from folks in those other states.

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