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Mike Littwin

Special to The Colorado Sun

Littwin: We knew the attack on Roe was coming, but who knew the Supreme Court would move so quickly?

The 6-3 conservative court is taking up a Mississippi law that bans abortion after 15 weeks. The Roe standard is fetal viability. And you thought we were divided now.

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Littwin: In a wild week, Ken Buck bucks Trump, Lamborn gets sued and Boebert is still Boebert

After Buck, in a show of principle, supports Liz Cheney and calls out the Big Lie, the question now is whether Trump retaliates. Here’s a guess: Doesn’t he always?

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Littwin: The problem with CU President Mark Kennedy is not just that he was hired, but how he was hired

And in case you think that the legislature will ensure transparency in such a hire next time, you may want to think again.

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Littwin: The Black caucus told us there was a problem. And then along came Buckwheat.

The explosive confrontation on the Colorado state House floor between Reps. Holtorf and Sullivan was not just remarkable. It was also inevitable.

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Littwin: For speaking the naked truth about Trump lies, GOP decides Liz Cheney must be punished

The truth is easy to find. Just watch vulnerable Big Liars backpedaling as Colorado’s own Eric Coomer and Dominion Voting Systems fight the Big Lie in the courts.

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Littwin: Those who didn’t watch Biden’s go-big-or-go-home speech may have no idea what they missed

It’s hard to fathom that the so-called transitional president, with a bare minimum of congressional support, is going for transformational. What in the name of FDR is going on here?

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Littwin: We can add to our list of excessive use-of-force victims an 80-pound, 73-year-old flower picker in Loveland

Police-cam video shows Karen Garner, who has dementia, suffering a broken arm and dislocated shoulder while being arrested. More video shows Loveland cops laughing about it.

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Littwin: More gun-violence bills are on the way in Colorado’s legislature. Imagine if we could say the same for Congress.

It looks as if the state legislature will have passed six gun-violence bills by the end of this session. But don’t look for a ban on assault-style weapons to be among them.

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Littwin: The truth is that Derek Chauvin was easy to convict. As for racial justice, the jury is still out.

When it comes to police violence, it’s rare for anyone to get any degree of accountability. And while George Floyd finally did, it came at far too great a cost.


Littwin: Yes, there has been another mass gun killing. Yes, there will be more.

It was the third mass killing in Indianapolis this year. Biden says the gun-violence epidemic is a stain on our character. But who’s going to wipe the stain clean?

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Littwin: As the Derek Chauvin trial continues, so does police killing of unarmed Black men

That a Black man was killed after a traffic stop 10 miles from the site of the trial in the death of George Floyd should be unimaginable. Sadly, it is not. A video from Virginia shows why.

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Littwin: Vaccine passports are coming, but you may have to cross battle lines to get them

Yes, there are real privacy concerns here, but that’s not necessarily why the passports have become another front in the culture wars.

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Littwin: Let’s give thanks to Trump and his toadies for bringing the All-Star Game to Coors Field

The big test for Colorado Republicans is whether they’ll join the call to boycott “woke” companies, including the one holding an All-Star Game in the state.

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Littwin: If you watch the trial, Derek Chauvin’s knee seems to be on every witnesses’ neck

The trial is not only about George Floyd’s death and injustice, but also comes at yet another American crossroads on race.

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Littwin: Vaccinations speeding along in Colorado, but are they moving fast enough to forestall “impending doom”?

Polis agrees with Biden and Dr. Walensky to remain cautious in race against coronavirus spread, but how does that fit in with Colorado’s Dial 3.0 and its loosening restrictions?

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Littwin: We know the mass shooting ritual too well — shock, heartbreak, anger and then depression as nothing is done

Joe Biden, who supports an assault weapon ban, said it was “a matter of timing” before he’d push for a bill. That means, of course, he lacks the votes.

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Littwin: We can say we’re shocked and horrified by the Boulder mass murders, but we can’t say we’re surprised

We no longer have the luxury of surprise. But now Biden is calling for Congress to ban assault rifles. And if, by some miracle, that were to happen, we would be astonished.

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Littwin: Colorado’s coronavirus dial is back and, um, better than ever? It is if you think guidelines need to be loosened.

But here’s a question for you: If the pandemic gets worse again — and it might; just ask Dr. Fauci — would Coloradans willingly return to the bad old days of code red?

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Littwin: Michael Bennet did important work in helping pass the child tax credit, but now Dems have to do it all over again

The law, which would cut child poverty by nearly half, expires in a year. It should be easy to extend, with 85% voter approval. But in the U.S. Senate, nothing comes easy.

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Littwin: Joe Biden get his $1.9 trillion bill passed and then decides to make a promise that won’t be easy to keep

Biden says we’ll have backyard cookouts with friends and family by July Fourth. To make that happen, all he has to do is persuade Americans to keep wearing masks and to get their shots.

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