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Mike Littwin

Special to The Colorado Sun

Littwin: It looks as if Biden might win the election, but that doesn’t mean Trumpism goes away

On the night Biden seemed primed to take the electoral lead, Trump baselessly accuses Democrats of stealing the election. Welcome to the future.

Littwin: Colorado is now bluer than blue. But is anyone more blue today than Gardner and state Republicans?

Colorado has made its statement, but the BIG statement — as a certain president would tweet — is far from decided. Votes are still being counted and the lawyers are on the way.

Littwin: Trump may lose the election, but don’t expect the end of Trumpism any time soon

In Colorado, which Biden is expected to carry, Cory Gardner’s seat is in real jeopardy. If he loses, how much of it would be his fault and how much would it be Trump’s?

Littwin: Yes, Trump used Barrett’s swearing-in ceremony to taunt his opponents one more time

Who knows what the ramifications of a conservative court will be? Would the threat of overturning Roe influence voters on anti-abortion Prop. 115?

Littwin: The headline from the debate is Trump wasn’t a major jerk, but that isn’t the headline he needed

If Trump lost the first debate on bad behavior, he lost the second on the merits. Biden wasn’t great, but he didn’t need to be. He had four years of the Trump presidency to fall back on.

Littwin: Trump’s final message to voters is that he knows more than Dr. Fauci (and everyone else)

And yet I couldn’t help but notice the contrast between Polis’ calm but serious COVID-19 updates — in which he has never once called Dr. Fauci an “idiot” — and Trump’s irresponsible wooing of supporters to potentially super-spreader rallies.

Littwin: If Gardner loses, where does that leave Colorado’s already troubled Republican Party?

If Gardner had a bipartisan record, he might have been in better shape as Coloradans vote in record numbers. And there’s at least one photo he would rather take back.

Littwin: If you’re watching the Supreme Court hearings, you know the real drama would come after Barrett is confirmed

Pay no attention to what you hear anyway. Republicans are jamming through Barrett’s confirmation because they expect her to be a reliable conservative vote for decades. Democrats oppose her for the same reason.

Littwin: Cory Gardner tries to put some distance — maybe a fly’s length — between himself and Trump

In Friday’s debate, Gardner was, as usual, on the offense much of the time, but all Hickenlooper had to do was to remind voters how often Gardner has enabled Trump.

Littwin: It was a normal debate, meaning America gets a break and the Biden-Harris ticket gets the win

There was more to this debate than the fly and differences on COVID-19. There was also a serious case of Pence mansplaining, which probably didn’t help Trump at all with the women’s vote.

Littwin: Now that Trump has moved to Walter Reed hospital, the nation moves to crisis mode

As many of those close to Trump have now tested positive, it looks as if these Trump rallies and photo-op events might be COVID-19 super-spreaders after all.

Littwin: Debate leaves us with just one question: Is Donald Trump a worse person than he is a president?

The presidential debate was the worst, most chaotic, least enlightening in modern history. Next up for debate: Will there be another one and, if so, why?

Littwin: The new court may outlaw Roe, but the loser won’t simply be women’s right to control their own bodies

Republicans have hidden behind Roe, using it as a carrot for evangelical voters and others who oppose abortion. But what happens when the GOP dog finally catches the car?

Littwin: Cory Gardner had no good option politically, so naturally he chose to stick with Trump

Gardner could have said, as he did in 2016, that it was too late to pick a Supreme Court justice. But that would have meant he had to actually be Independent Cory.

Littwin: As we mourn Ruth Bader Ginsburg, we are also forced to mourn the state of our democracy

Trump wants a vote on a Supreme Court nominee before the election. For Cory Gardner, who has already dodged the question, the nightmare would be that he’d have to make the deciding vote.

Littwin: Anyone who has seen dementia up close knows not to fall for attacks on Joe Biden’s mental fitness

With Donald Trump, as others have said, cruelty is the point.

Littwin: Donald Trump visits California, apparently to remind people he’s a climate change denier

That’s just one more in a long list of questions about Trump that Cory Gardner, who’s desperately trying to rebrand himself as a fighter against climate change, will have to try to dodge.

Littwin: Because it’s 2020, don’t expect Bob Woodward’s blockbuster to make much difference

Despite books and scandals, scandals and books, losers and suckers, suckers and losers, the polls remain remarkably stable. Maybe Woodward’s taped interviews with Trump will change that.

Littwin: If Cory Gardner wants to show he’s serious about standing up to Trump , here’s his chance

As Senate Republicans prepare to introduce an unserious pandemic funding bill, Gardner should reprise his “unfathomable” take and demand a genuine bill. Anyone think that’ll happen?

Littwin: What’s Cory Gardner’s biggest problem — Trump, the Colorado GOP or his own record?

John Hickenlooper has his own problems, but let’s just say he hasn’t shown up yet at a rally with a party leader wearing a Kill-’em-all, let-God-sort-’em-out T-shirt.

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