Colorado College in Colorado Springs. The school temporarily abandoned in person learning in September because of rising coronavirus cases among its student body. (Photo by Dr. DeNo, via Flickr)

Colorado College suspends most in-person learning after coronavirus prompts three dorm quarantines

“This is not how you — or we — envisioned our students starting their campus life, or this academic year,” wrote co-presidents Mike Edmonds and Robert G. Moore.

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Test of Colorado mail finds delivery is timely — most of the time

Rhetoric from Washington, D.C., has people worried about the U.S. Postal Service's ability to deliver mail-in ballots. An unscientific assessment of delivery times in Colorado shows the system works pretty well.

Littwin: The new court may outlaw Roe, but the loser won’t simply be women’s right to control their own bodies

Republicans have hidden behind Roe, using it as a carrot for evangelical voters and others who oppose abortion. But what happens when the GOP dog finally catches the car?


Nicolais: To avoid election chaos, states must move up mail ballot processing

The example set by Colorado, which begins mail ballot processing upon receipt, should be followed across the country