Denver resident Eva Bray, 24, poses for a portrait in her three-bedroom/two-bathroom condo in Denver's Capitol Hill neighborhood. With the addition of the French doors, the wall and a freestanding wardrobe, she transformed what was a "flex space" into the nonconforming third bedroom so she could benefit from the rental income of a second roommate. (Andy Colwell, Special to The Colorado Sun)

Colorado’s “doubled-up” households have surged since the recession. That could prolong the housing crunch.

While the search for housing adopts creative collaboration, eventually many of those households will break apart. Then what?

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“A feeling of empowerment and freedom”: It’s become common for women to accompany a hiking tale with a shirtless photo

As the captions say, these photos can be frivolous and fun. They also often document some of the most powerful seconds of a woman’s life.

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Nearly all of Colorado is under some drought status. A year ago, almost none of the state was parched.

Colorado’s most recent drought outlook shows some progress, but the state’s drought could persist