In this Aug, 28, 2019 photo the burned frame of a mobile home sits on Coronado Street in the Hill-N-Park subdivision near Greeley, Colo. A woman escaped with no injuries when the home caught fire in February 2017. More than two years later, the remains continue to be an eyesore for residents in the neighborhood. The original owner died, and Weld County officials have had difficulty finding heirs, successors or assigns to hold accountable for the property. (Natalie Dyer, The Greeley Tribune)  

Parked: Fire can be risky, deadly drawback of living in mobile homes

The most severe risks are in homes built before 1976, when HUD set improved safety and construction standards

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Denver oilman Alex Cranberg and his partner secured huge Ukraine drilling deal after push from Rick Perry

Cranberg, a major Republican party donor, has supported Douglas County's controversial private-school voucher program

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Why the Denver school board “flipped” toward reform and what might happen next

The question now is what this “flip” will mean for teachers, students, and parents