Colorado State University Anthropology Prof. Chris Fisher is working to finish LiDAR scanning the entire Earth. Fisher came up with the idea for The Earth Archive when he realized half of South American rainforests have already been lost. (Valerie Mosley, Special to The Colorado Sun)

Colorado State University is fast-forwarding archaeology with tech to help future researchers understand today’s Earth

The Earth Archive project could leave future generations the best source of information showing what today’s world looks like.

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Now we know how much money is at stake on the 2019 ballot with Proposition CC and TABOR refunds in Colorado

New economic forecasts show the state may refund as much as $1.7 billion to taxpayers in the next three fiscal years -- but not all will benefit the same

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Shootings and shock value: Hoodies, video use similar tactics — including invoking Columbine massacre

Both used shock value to make a point about gun violence — and both are dealing with different levels of reaction, some positive and, in the case of the fashion show, a lot of it negative