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Torrential storm, vibrations of holy energy arise from forbidden objects and places

While still in college in New York, John Nizalowski started his writing career by publishing book reviews in science-fiction magazines and scripting radio ads for local radio stations. He is the author of five books: a multi-genre work entitled “Hooking the Sun”; two collections of poetry, “The Last Matinée” and “East of Kayenta”; and two […]

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Colorado State University is fast-forwarding archaeology with tech to help future researchers understand today’s Earth

Colorado State University archaeologist Chris Fisher was in the beginning stages of unearthing an ancient “megalopolis” in the state of Michoacán, Mexico, a decade ago when he ran up against a tough reality: it would take him the rest of his career to document such a huge find using traditional archaeological methods.  The buried city […]

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“This just does not happen”: A Garden of the Gods garbage heap is revealing big clues about the founder of Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS — Trash in this city’s iconic Garden of the Gods Park is usually nothing to get excited about. It’s a regular blemish on a revered place. But along the park’s northern edge, a heap of buried refuse — discovered during work to build a retention pond to control runoff after a wildfire swept […]