Eric Larsen spent 53 days skiing and swimming to the North Pole in 2014, an expedition many suspect will be the last human-powered mission to reach the top of the world as a warming climate melts the ice cap, making it impossible to traverse. (Eric Larsen, Special to The Colorado Sun)

A Crested Butte adventurer is skiing to the South Pole like ice is an endangered species

Eric Larsen could break the speed record for 700-plus mile journey, but he hopes the adventure will amplify discussion of climate change, melting polar ice caps

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It’s been legal to drop off newborns in Colorado since 2000, so why aren’t suspicious infant deaths declining?

From 2001-18, 64 infants have been handed over at fire stations and hospitals under the Safe Haven Law. Advocates say a new generation of teens doesn’t know the law exists

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Telluride isn’t immune to Colorado’s high country housing problem. But it’s finding a solution in diversification

In Telluride, a constricted canyon of about 2,600 residents, housing programs have focused on options, meaning everything from dorm-style rentals and tiny homes to stand-alone single-family homes and four-bedroom apartments