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A Telluride woman was first to ski from the Lhotse summit. She’s still recovering from “post-traumatic stoke.”

Hilaree Nelson was in the zone, breathing hard in the proverbial death zone. She and her partner, Jim Morrison, had not yet strapped on oxygen masks as they neared the 27,940-foot summit of Lhotse and they’d been crawling up the north face of the Himalayan peak for hours.  Photographer Nick Kalisz broke through the laborious […]

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A Crested Butte adventurer is skiing to the South Pole like ice is an endangered species

They are not related but they might as well be. Crested Butte adventurer Eric Larsen has the same restless, unsettled mien of Sir Ernest Shackleton, the fabled explorer of the Antarctic. It’s like they share the same genes, Larsen and Shackleton. The frigid adventure beckons. And they leap. “We have mapped and charted the face […]