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Descendants of people displaced to create Denver’s Auraria campus will finally get free college tuition

Abenicio Rael’s mother, Irene, was one of hundreds of people forced to leave their homes in Denver’s oldest neighborhood before it was razed to make way for the Auraria campus in the 1970s.  That made him eligible for the Displaced Aurarian Scholarship, though he soon found the limits of its promise of free tuition at […]

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Colorado is more diverse than ever, but its college professors are overwhelmingly white

By Jason Gonzales, Chalkbeat Colorado In a state that’s become increasingly diverse, the professors who teach at Colorado’s four-year colleges are overwhelmingly white. Of the 3,500 professors who have tenure, just 15 of them are Black women. Another 38 are Black men. Hispanic students now make up about 20% of the state’s universities. But Hispanic […]

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Almost everyone in Colorado who eagerly wanted a coronavirus vaccine has gotten one. Now comes the hard part.

Last week, Aurora City Council member Juan Marcano posted a message on Twitter that just a few weeks ago would have caused an online stampede among hoards of Coloradans desperately seeking a coronavirus vaccine. “We still have a ton of openings to fill for the #COVID19Vaccine event at the Aurora Municipal Center this Saturday and […]

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University of Colorado Boulder says it will welcome students back this fall

BOULDER — The University of Colorado Boulder announced Tuesday that students will return to campus this fall with new policies and safety measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The university introduced new guidelines including mandatory safety training, mask-wearing requirements, smaller class sizes and the creation of small groups of on-campus students who will […]

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Panhandlers in Denver make an average of $10 per hour, on par with minimum wage. Dogs help, kids not so much.

Panhandling with children backfires. Dogs, though, rake in the money. And young men who are on a date are more likely to hand over a five-dollar bill than young men walking the 16th Street Mall alone.  Those observations were among several noted by researcher Francisco Conejo, a University of Colorado Denver business instructor who spent […]

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What will make you believe in global warming? How about a life-altering flood, study asks

After overflowing rivers swept away homes, tossed cars downstream and left entire neighborhoods swamped with mud, researchers had a question for the survivors of the epic Colorado floods of 2013. Do you believe in climate change now? Those researchers — from the University of Colorado Denver and Duke University — expected to find that the […]