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Littwin: Imagine being a GOP senator watching Obama speak at John Lewis’ funeral and then going home to defend Trump

In one of the darkest days of the Trump presidency — and, yes, the competition remains fierce for Trump’s ultimate diei horriblis — it looked briefly as if Cory Gardner might have caught a break. Hours before John Lewis’ funeral Thursday — on the day when three former presidents came to eulogize the great man […]

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Opinion: Inaction on unemployment benefits is very bad news for women facing abuse

COVID-19 lockdowns spotlighted the danger facing women around the world who were quarantined with their abusers. Lockdowns have lifted, but now women in the U.S. face the risk of partner abuse born of economic insecurity. With more than one in 10 Americans out of work and CARES unemployment benefits set to expire soon, whether and […]

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Audio: The end of the unemployment boost in Colorado

Over the weekend, the extra $600 in weekly pandemic unemployment assistance going out in addition to regular unemployment benefits ran out – as unemployment continues in the state. Recent reporting from Tamara Chuang at The Colorado Sun looks at the impact of that federal assistance ending, along with reporting about thieves targeting that unemployment relief program. Tamara […]

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Fraud, ID theft in Colorado have shifted during coronavirus. Now is the time to double down on protection.

The coronavirus pandemic offered identity thieves a gold mine.  Using stolen identities, thieves targeted the federal relief program known as the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, which was being administered by local state unemployment agencies.  The key to the gold mine was that workers could backdate claims all the way to February and collect thousands of dollars […]

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The $600 federal unemployment benefit is ending. Here’s what that means for out-of-work Coloradans.

For many out-of-work Coloradans, life will change after Saturday. That’s when the extra $600 in weekly unemployment benefits from the U.S. government ends in Colorado, even as many hotels, restaurants, bars and other businesses have not fully reopened due to coronavirus restrictions. As of July 11, Colorado has paid out $1.92 billion in this Pandemic […]

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Colorado’s unemployment rate was a stagnant 10.5% in June

Colorado’s unemployment was a stagnant 10.5% in June, according to data released by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment on Friday, indicating that the state’s jobs situation isn’t dramatically improving as the state continues to reopen after a coronavirus shutdown. In fact, the June rate was three-tenths of a percentage point higher than it […]

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Colorado workers must be offered paid sick leave starting next year. Here’s what that means for you.

Gov. Jared Polis on Tuesday signed into law a bill that will give nearly every Colorado worker the ability to earn up to six paid sick leave days annually starting next year. It’s considered one of the most progressive sick leave policies in the country and comes in response to the coronavirus crisis.  Senate Bill […]

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Calling Colorado’s unemployment line? You might end up talking to a Google-powered AI

The massive numbers of Coloradans who lost their jobs in the coronavirus pandemic will soon find their calls for unemployment help answered by an automated service powered by Google — including setting up a call back with an actual human. The artificial-intelligence system is expected to resolve issues for up to 30% of current callers […]

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Fraudsters foiled by Colorado’s unemployment office as number of new out-of-work claims decline

A crackdown on fraudulent unemployment claims in Colorado resulted in a 42.1% drop in people seeking the $600 benefit paid weekly out of federal coronavirus relief funds. The state Department of Labor and Employment declined to share how scammers were able to claim millions in benefits, but said new fraud detection measures and limiting backdating […]

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Nearly one-third of new pandemic unemployment claims last week were fake, Colorado’s labor department says

A large number of first-time claims for unemployment benefits filed last week in Colorado are suspected of being fraudulent, the state’s Department of Labor and Employment said Friday. An investigation found that nearly a third of new Pandemic Unemployment Assistance claims filed last week, or about 5,600, are likely fake. The labor department stopped paying […]