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Opinion: Violence against women is a key to understanding a wider array of problems

We need to talk about violence against women. Of course, this might not seem like the right time. After all, newsfeeds are overwhelmed with headlines about mass shootings and war, abortion and mounting economic uncertainty. Amid warnings that #MeToo is dead, there’s seemingly no oxygen left for violence against women. Yet, making progress on the […]

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Opinion: When allegations of sexual assault and harassment emerge, institutions need to take action

Against the backdrop of those stories, damning findings from an internal investigation into sexual harassment and assault at Louisiana State University dropped recently. Each of these stories sheds light on the ways that institutions can further the harm of sexual harassment and assault. But, it doesn’t have to be this way.  Allegations of sexual harassment […]

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Opinion: Inaction on unemployment benefits is very bad news for women facing abuse

COVID-19 lockdowns spotlighted the danger facing women around the world who were quarantined with their abusers. Lockdowns have lifted, but now women in the U.S. face the risk of partner abuse born of economic insecurity. With more than one in 10 Americans out of work and CARES unemployment benefits set to expire soon, whether and […]

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Opinion: Long after the coronavirus, domestic violence victims will need help

COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders have focused attention on a fact that domestic violence victims and those who work with them have long understood: Dependence on abusers is harmful and sometimes deadly. As researchers who study domestic violence, we think recent reporting on the intersection of social distancing and domestic violence risk is incredibly important, but reflects […]

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Opinion: For domestic violence victims, the price of immigration-related fears may be nothing short of death

Requests for domestic violence services are up at Latina Safehouse in Denver, as reported recently by The Colorado Sun. Victims who are undocumented say their abusers have threatened to report them to the government. But, acting director of U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Matthew Albence, said he doesn’t necessarily believe that’s true. Instead, he […]