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Colorado’s slim chance at herd immunity is slipping away as people’s COVID-19 protection wanes

Even as thousands of Coloradans are still being infected by the coronavirus each day and as vaccinations roll out to younger children, an unsettling realization is sinking in among the state’s health leaders: The exit door to the pandemic isn’t as close as we once thought it was. Instead, new research is changing how experts […]

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Lutheran Medical Center making a $650 million move just a few miles west in Wheat Ridge, opening up prime land for redevelopment

SCL Health will build a $650 million replacement hospital 3.5 miles west of the current Lutheran Medical Center in Wheat Ridge and move the entire campus there by 2024, according to a Tuesday announcement from the nonprofit health care group.  The new campus at the Clear Creek Crossing development will still be in Wheat Ridge, […]

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Colorado’s “last responders” are exhausted after a year of coronavirus goodbyes

Maria McLain Cox deals in uncertainty.  The longtime hospital chaplain has been with patients through chemotherapy and new diagnoses. She comforts couples who have lost infants, the families of stroke victims and people who were rushed to the emergency room and didn’t survive.  There are no words McLain Cox can say to ward off difficulty, […]

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Combatting alarm fatigue at Colorado hospitals saves lives of UCHealth sepsis patients

In the hospital room of a very sick patient, or down the hall in a bustling ICU, medical personnel are constantly reaching out impatiently to switch off an alarm they find irrelevant or annoying.  What percentage of those alarms would you guess are false? Thirty percent?  Fifty percent?  Try up to 99%, according to national […]

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Convalescent plasma isn’t quite the coronavirus miracle treatment it was supposed to be. What happened?

Back in the spring, the pleas for donated plasma from coronavirus survivors were desperate. Doctors hoped then that the antibodies from survivors’ blood could save the sickest patients from succumbing to the virus.  Now, 10 months into the pandemic, there is no evidence that convalescent plasma — the liquid part of blood collected from patients […]

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First gentleman released from hospital after COVID-19 treatment

Marlon Reis, the partner of Gov. Jared Polis, was released from the hospital Tuesday after contracting coronavirus 10 days ago and checking into the hospital for treatment over the weekend.  Reis, 39, is “feeling well” and was advised by his doctor to continue taking steroids for two more days, according to the governor’s office. He […]

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Colorado researchers are gathering data on coronavirus survivors. Here’s what they’ve found.

Eight months into the coronavirus pandemic, Colorado doctors and scientists have a growing study sample: tens of thousands of people in the state who have survived COVID-19.  Their initial findings are beginning to trickle in, helping piece together the long-term effects of a virus that has killed more than 2,300 Coloradans and infected more than […]