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One of Colorado’s most influential writers saved the state’s music history one cardboard box at a time

The cardboard storage boxes form a chronological grid, left to right, on an entire basement wall — stacked five tall and 10 across, starting with the 1970s on the top left. They contain artifacts spanning generations of musical acts: press kits, publicity photos, notes and writings that chronicle an era, reveal a penchant for collections […]

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Colorado House Republicans distribute list of “friendly” and “not friendly” media outlets

A few weeks ago, leadership in the Colorado House Republican caucus handed out a list of media outlets to their members. But instead of just titles, mediums, phone numbers and email addresses, there was an untitled column with one of two descriptors: “friendly” and “not friendly.” Six outlets, including The Colorado Sun, The Denver Post, […]

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Opinion: As media professors surveying Colorado’s local-news landscape, we have good news and bad news

The role of local news has never been more important than today during a pandemic that has killed millions and at a time when anyone can spew rumors and conspiracies while sitting behind a screen.  In Colorado, online misinformation has led some to believe COVID-19 vaccines alter DNA, distrust legitimate philanthropic organizations in the community, […]

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Colorado Sun wins 10 first-place awards in state press contest, including public service prize

The Colorado Sun won 10 first-place awards in the Colorado Press Association journalism contest, including the prestigious Public Service award. The Sun took first place in Investigative, Education, Business, Agriculture and Health, among other categories in the contest’s large Class 7 division. The Sun’s nine first-places in the Editorial Awards portion of the contest were […]

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Vincent Carroll: A local media dependent on taxes will be too tame at crunch time

Sometimes a poorly conceived response to a problem is worse than no response at all. Witness the Colorado Media Project’s proposed solution to the sad decline of local news gathering in this state.  The media project, a group of concerned citizens, civic leaders and former journalists, wants government to step up and funnel tax dollars into […]