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A Colorado school district wants its students to know where their food comes from — and how to scramble an egg

HAYDEN — In an eighth-grade health class, in a community surrounded by grazing cattle, chicken farms and fields of spinach, some students had no clue how to make a scrambled egg. A few had never even cracked one into a bowl.  There was a clear division in the class of 13- and 14-year-olds. Some milked […]

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Toxic algae are filling Colorado lakes with slimy pea-green soup. Are hotter summers making it worse?

WINDSOR — It’s already baking hot on a smoky August morning when Sarah Erickson leans off the side of the dock and dips her tube-shaped monitoring device into the lake.  The water quality specialist for the state health department, who is wearing Chaco sandals and shorts, is sweating under her face mask. The greenish-brownish water […]

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Pregnant women in Moffat County have lost their obstetrics care, the latest victims of the rural health crisis

CRAIG — Stacy Hendrickson planned to have her baby at the hospital in town, just a few minutes from her home and a couple of turns down some quiet, snow-covered streets. But in January, when she was not quite seven months pregnant, Memorial Regional Health shut down its labor and delivery department. Pregnant women can […]