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What’s Working: Small business funding available, back to business in 2021, Colorado unemployment updates and more

Plus: New unemployment system launches Jan. 10, new rules for employers, and how to start your own business

A mission-minded loan source that doesn’t care if you’re a startup with no experience, revenues or credit

CDFIs, like Colorado Enterprise Fund, provide underserved communities with capital when banks say no. The niche is attracting investors seeking impact, including Google and Netflix

As society changes, Colorado investors want to make more impact with their money

Environmental issues, social justice and economic equity are on many minds and a growing force of impact investors hope to change the world by supporting like-minded companies.

A rural venture capital fund in Colorado is offering $275,000 investment to winner of virtual pitch series

West Slope Startup Week has gone virtual and so have pitch meetings for funders who backed 14 rural Colorado startups in two years.

A plea by Colorado tech firms for a faster response to coronavirus goes national

The #StopTheSpread pledge has been signed by 1,200 tech executives who agree to change work policies, and support frontline workers to "flatten the curve" faster.

Tech startups come to the Mountain West, but can they grow?

The news is not all good. There’s still a growing gap between available STEM jobs and people to fill them.

Colorado’s newest billion-dollar B Corp is part of a movement to make a social impact — and profits

Guild Education's valuation is now over $1 billion as the company's model shows it can still make money and grow fast, while not pursuing growth at all costs

Opinion: Is Denver’s startup scene welcoming for veterans?

A Denver startup asks every potential investor: Have you faced sexual harassment complaints?

Soona’s “Candor Clause” doesn’t dance around VCs behaving badly. It’s part of a movement to fix a toxic industry where female founders struggle to raise capital.

$1 billion has flowed from venture investors to Front Range companies this year

More exits, larger funding rounds and more entrepreneurs are the result of years in the making. Will it last as unicorns fumble and recession concerns rise?