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Colorado’s urban open space past haunts the future of development and community life

A cemetery for nuns. A city golf course where a generation of Black civic leaders met to network. A century-old farm. An abandoned college football stadium. An unloved wedge of an ancient stockyard.  Developers and neighbors are fighting over some of the most precious unpaved spots left up and down Colorado’s Front Range, all the […]

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Mosley? Meadowlark? Peterson? Stapleton neighborhood will vote on list of replacement names

A Denver neighborhood will vote on a list of nine names to replace its current association with a former mayor known for his Ku Klux Klan connection. The available options are detailed on the site run by the neighborhood organization, Stapleton United Neighbors. The neighborhood was named for former Denver Mayor Benjamin F. Stapleton and was built […]

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Why now? The roots (and possible future) of Colorado’s reckoning with racism past and present

Earlier this month, Sarah Stabio was cleaning up in the exercise studio she opened nearly four years ago when she caught a glimpse of the screen-printed sign on her front window: “The Bar Method Denver-Stapleton.” Suddenly, she couldn’t wait another moment. “Stapleton,” the area that memorializes a Denver mayor notorious for his ties to the […]

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Wilson: Stapleton finally says goodbye to a Denver klansman’s legacy

At long last, Denver’s klansman mayor, Benjamin Stapleton, will have his name stripped from a neighborhood. Some said it could never happen. They said that like Charlton Heston and guns, we’d have to pry Stapleton’s name out of the Master Community Association’s cold, dead hands.   Thankfully, nothing that drastic had to take place. Just a […]

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Wilson: Stuck On Stapleton? Colorado has plenty of non-racist heroes who deserve to be remembered

The bad guys aren’t supposed to win, especially when good people make the rules. Newsflash: Klansmen are the bad guys.   They are terrorists, and should be remembered that way. The body count doesn’t lie. The lynchings were real, and the dead don’t return. In a sane society, racists and bigots don’t get monuments. They are not venerated immortals […]