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A Colorado school district wants its students to know where their food comes from — and how to scramble an egg

HAYDEN — In an eighth-grade health class, in a community surrounded by grazing cattle, chicken farms and fields of spinach, some students had no clue how to make a scrambled egg. A few had never even cracked one into a bowl.  There was a clear division in the class of 13- and 14-year-olds. Some milked […]

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Half of Colorado lives in a day care desert. Here’s how that’s straining one mountain community.

After watching her boss struggle to find child care in remote northwestern Colorado, Tegan Ebbert diligently planned how to keep working after the birth of her son in January. Baby August was quickly placed on the waiting list for a local day care and Ebbert’s mother drove in from Wisconsin to help out for a […]

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One school social worker quelled a girl’s suicidal thoughts. Colorado hopes a lot more of them can provide a lasting solution.

OAK CREEK — Colorado lawmakers in the last legislative session committed more state money to behavioral health staffing in schools, hoping to help more students like a 15-year-old Routt County girl who credits the social worker at her school with saving her life. The teen says she is a survivor of sexual assault that so […]