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Conservation groups sue over coal mines in Colorado, Montana

Conservation groups filed lawsuits against state environmental agencies in Colorado and Montana this week targeting coal mines in the two states. On Tuesday, five organizations including the WildEarth Guardians and the Sierra Club filed a lawsuit against Colorado environmental agencies alleging they failed to ensure that the state’s largest coal mine, West Elk Mine, complied […]

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Colorado regulators approve 3 utilities’ clean energy plans despite environmentalists’ objections

Colorado regulators have signed off on clean energy plans from three utilities despite objections from environmental groups claiming the plans include vague promises of green electricity and didn’t account for  nearly 200,000 tons of dirty coal emissions. State clean energy officials say they’re satisfied the plans from Colorado Springs Utilities, Holy Cross Energy and Platte […]

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Colorado has 200,000 tons of orphan greenhouse gases that no one claims, environmental groups say

Nearly 200,000 tons of orphaned greenhouse gas emissions seemed to go off the books of a coal plant when a utility sold its partial share of the power.  Another utility made a vague promise to replace 80% of its transmission through clean resources, without revealing how that magic total will be reached.  Maybe these Colorado […]

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Colorado to strengthen plan to protect views at Rocky Mountain National Park, sidestepping Sierra Club lawsuit

Colorado will meet revised federal deadlines to strengthen regional haze plans that protect views in Rocky Mountain National Park and other western treasures, state officials and environmental groups say, sidestepping a new Sierra Club lawsuit demanding sanctions on Colorado and dozens more states.  The Sierra Club lawsuit says the Environmental Protection Agency failed to enforce […]

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West Elk mine cannot leak methane, must flare the greenhouse gas, judge rules

The West Elk coal mine must keep flaring dangerous methane and seek state air pollution permits instead of leaking the greenhouse gas into the atmosphere, in a consent decree hailed by environmental groups across Colorado.  Though burning the methane on-site near Somerset creates CO2, it causes far less damage to the atmosphere than allowing raw […]

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Environmental groups launch six-figure ad campaign pressuring Colorado’s governor to act on abandoned oil and gas wells

Four liberal-leaning nonprofits will spend north of $100,000 on an ad campaign starting this week to pressure Democratic Gov. Jared Polis and the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission to force the oil and gas industry to set aside millions of dollars to clean up abandoned and orphaned wells.  “Gov. Polis, we’re counting on your […]

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Golden eagle lovers fear a new Loveland bike path will scare off the Colorado treasure

LOVELAND – Diane Kristoff is busy explaining the complexities of raptor forage, open space planning and conservation easements when a 10-pound tangle of brown feathers soars in to simplify her day.  One of the golden eagles Kristoff has been watching every week for three years lands in a cottonwood a quarter-mile away, across rolling meadows […]