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Colorado “nutrition labels” on construction materials will flag carbon instead of fat, salt and sugar

If the built environment is the grocery store, then in a world full of climate change worries, “embodied carbon” is the nutrition label. Carbon dioxide is the salt, sugar and fat on the label. Manufacturing road asphalt, concrete, reinforcing steel and bricks creates large amounts of the greenhouse gas. Now a pioneering Colorado law will […]

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Xcel Energy floats “Power Pathway” plan to bring wind, solar power to cities from rural Colorado

Xcel Energy on Tuesday filed a plan with state electricity regulators for a $1.7 billion project to build 560 miles of transmission lines encircling eastern Colorado designed to bring wind and solar electricity to Front Range population centers from rural areas. The project – Power Pathway – would be done in collaboration with at least […]

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Tri-State’s clean energy battles with two Colorado electric co-ops now threaten the utility’s finances

The battle between the Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association and two of its Colorado electric cooperatives seeking to ditch their memberships has become so pitched that it is now sprawling across state and federal regulatory agencies and the courts. The two – Brighton-based United Power and the Durango-based La Plata Electric Association – want to […]

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Tri-State, under pressure from its member co-ops to change or fall behind, is shifting to renewable energy

In a sign of how quickly the electricity industry is changing, Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association is taking a quick paced series of steps to deal with market pressure and complaints from some of its member cooperatives. Westminster-based Tri-State — power provider to 43 rural electric cooperatives in four states, including 18 in Colorado — […]

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Colorado co-op’s fight for renewable energy could upend how rural communities are powered

A battle between a Western Slope rural electric cooperative and one of the country’s largest co-op power providers has intensified, setting the stage for what may be a significant change in how and where some rural communities get their electricity. On one side is the Delta-Montrose Electric Association (DMEA), the Montrose-based co-op serving about 33,000 […]