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Delta County leaders reverse course, say “shear thing” to plan for big solar project on land where sheep graze

The sheep — and the sprinklers and maybe the honeybees — carried the day as the Delta County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday unanimously approved a once-spurned solar project on agricultural land. The 80-megawatt Garnet Mesa project, on 475 acres, had been rejected by the commission in March over concerns about the loss of farmland […]

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Opinion: Electric vehicles make sense in cities, but not so much anywhere else

John Muir, naturalist and noted environmental advocate, said, “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.” And so it is with electric vehicles — their operation and, especially, the production of their batteries.  How “Green” are electric vehicles? Are they good for the environment? […]

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Opinion: Praise for Xcel’s agreement to stop burning coal by 2031

As elected officials from different parts of the state, we are encouraged by the recent decision by Colorado’s Public Utilities Commission regarding Xcel Energy’s Electric Resource Plan. Xcel is the state’s largest electric utility, serving 1.3 million Colorado customers. Because electricity generation is Colorado’s second largest carbon-emitter after transportation, this decision will have real and […]

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Opinion: The answer to Russia’s aggression isn’t more oil. It’s different energy

Vladimir Putin’s war of aggression in Ukraine has made it abundantly clear that our fossil fuel-dependent economy jeopardizes our national security as hostile foreign leaders weaponize their energy resources. Similarly, the rapidly intensifying climate crisis, which is causing widespread disruption with no place on earth escaping the impacts of rising temperatures and increasingly extreme weather, […]