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Colorado’s trash bins are so full they’re fa-la-lalling over. Here’s why.

If it seems there is more cardboard and wrapping paper spilling out of your neighbors’ recycling bins in the next week, it’s not just confirmation bias for our assumptions about the excess of the holidays.  It’s science. By about 23%.  Household waste increases by nearly a quarter nationwide between Thanksgiving and Christmas, according to studies […]

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Colorado has a dismal recycling rate. Could a fee on manufacturers turn things around?

In Boulder, where every resident automatically receives access to recycling and composting services, more than half of the city’s waste is diverted from landfills. But in many Colorado cities and towns, residents who want to recycle must pay extra, or make a trip to recycling centers.  The discrepancy between the relative ease of recycling in […]

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Get ready for plastic and paper bag fees in Colorado — and say goodbye to styrofoam

Colorado lawmakers on Tuesday sent Gov. Jared Polis House Bill 1162, which would establish a fee for single-use products, like plastic and paper grocery bags, and let retailers keep some of the proceeds. The bill would also ban the use of styrofoam by restaurants starting in 2024.  The measure has long been a priority of […]

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Colorado will likely miss its recycling goals again this year. What will it take to change the tide of waste?

Colorado is struggling to improve its stagnant waste-diversion rates, and environmental advocates say making progress is crucial in the effort to battle climate change and the effects of population growth.  The state diverted just under 16% of its waste to recycling or compost in 2019, down from a 17% diversion rate in 2018 and well […]

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How bad are Coloradans at recycling? Chaffee County contractor closed its free sites over bad actors, slim profits

Angel of Shavano Recycling spent 15 years sifting through Chaffee County’s trash collecting its treasures — plastics, cardboard, paper, newspaper, tin and aluminum. But slim profits and bad behavior by customers led the owner, Mickey Barry, to close the gates on the four free community recycling sites.  “In the recycling industry the drop sites have […]