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There’s a divide between diversity in north metro Denver communities and their city councils

About 49% of residents in Brighton, Commerce City, Thornton, Northglenn and Westminster are non-white, according to an average of 2020 Census data. Meanwhile, about 18% of members of the various city councils in the north Denver metro area are non-White.

Politics and Government

Cyclist dies in crash during Leadville Trail 100 mountain bike race

Details of the second-ever death in the legendary race have not been released.


SunLit interview: “The Holly” author Julian Rubinstein reflects on the story and its challenges

A 2013 shooting by a Denver anti-gang activist revealed what the author saw as a narrative of national scope and importance


What’d I Miss?: “One of my closest friends is black…”


Carman: Fourth of July is a chance to finally face some not-so-self-evident truths

It's past time to confront uncomfortable truths about slavery and the lack of Black history in school curriculum

Opinion Columns

Littwin: It was long past due for Juneteenth to become a national holiday, but why did it happen now?

The bill creating the holiday passed with near unanimity because of the momentum following George Floyd’s killing, but also because it gives cover to those seeking laws to suppress minority voting or to ban teaching anything controversial about race.

Opinion Columns

Carman: Life is a highway, but the legislature keeps finding nothing but dead ends

It's time for Colorado to acknowledge the injustice on which its highway system was built and to compensate Black and brown communities impacted for decades

Opinion Columns

Littwin: A year after George Floyd’s death, much has changed. Not all of it good.

A year ago, it all seemed obvious. A year later, unarmed black people are still being killed by cops. Voter suppression is being passed in red states. The voting rights bill named for the late John Lewis sits stalled in the U.S. Senate.

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Littwin: The Black caucus told us there was a problem. And then along came Buckwheat.

The explosive confrontation on the Colorado state House floor between Reps. Holtorf and Sullivan was not just remarkable. It was also inevitable.

Opinion Columns

Colorado judge resigns after state Supreme Court censure over multiple reports of racial bias

18th Judicial District Judge Natalie T. Chase was censured by the Colorado Supreme Court after a former court employee reported a conversation in which she used the N-word repeatedly


What’d I Miss?: Colorblind in Colorado…or just lazy?


What’d I Miss?: Strategy for sidestepping “Karen”


What’d I Miss?: A parent’s racial conundrum


The Brown Bombers, a little-known Black baseball team, shook Colorado’s segregated sports world

Only two members remain from the Black baseball team that won back-to-back Colorado Springs city championships — and the grudging respect of opponents. “They were a team of Jackie Robinsons," one historian says.


Opinion: Why Colorado’s economy shouldn’t just return to “normal” after COVID-19

Opinion Columns

A plaque near Denver’s historic Chinatown marks a race riot. Its critics see it as an opportunity.

An effort to replace the Lower Downtown marker has raised the possibility of reconciling a painful chapter in the city’s history -- and reimagining a new Asian district


Wilson: What white America was really saying in the 2020 election

Opinion Columns

Aurora working group presents draft plan to recruit and retain more teachers of color

This year, about 20% of Aurora's licensed staff members are employees of color — while 85% of the district's students are of color


General becomes 1st Black head of U.S. Air Force Academy

Lt. Gen. Richard Clark also became the first former commandant of cadets to return to the top position at the academy near Colorado Springs


Tribes’ ancestral remains return home from Finland to Colorado’s Mesa Verde National Park

A Swedish researcher unearthed the remains of about 20 people and more than two dozen funerary objects from southwestern Colorado in 1891

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