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Opinion: Why Colorado’s economy shouldn’t just return to “normal” after COVID-19

A plaque near Denver’s historic Chinatown marks a race riot. Its critics see it as an opportunity.

An effort to replace the Lower Downtown marker has raised the possibility of reconciling a painful chapter in the city’s history -- and reimagining a new Asian district

Wilson: What white America was really saying in the 2020 election

Aurora working group presents draft plan to recruit and retain more teachers of color

This year, about 20% of Aurora's licensed staff members are employees of color — while 85% of the district's students are of color

General becomes 1st Black head of U.S. Air Force Academy

Lt. Gen. Richard Clark also became the first former commandant of cadets to return to the top position at the academy near Colorado Springs

Tribes’ ancestral remains return home from Finland to Colorado’s Mesa Verde National Park

A Swedish researcher unearthed the remains of about 20 people and more than two dozen funerary objects from southwestern Colorado in 1891

Wilson: African immigrants often blindsided by American racial hatred

Nicolais: Professional athletes are Bucking the system

With their walkouts, athletes can prompt real reform. It's time for Cory Gardner and the Senate to respond.

What’d I Miss?: Racial misdirection — it works on any planet

Drew Litton: “This country does not love us back”

Half of state employees don’t think equity, diversity and inclusion are prioritized. Here’s how Colorado is responding.

Gov. Jared Polis on Thursday signed an executive order directing state agencies to create and implement policies that prioritize and educate around building a more reflective workforce. The hope is that the private sector will follow.

Hispanic, Black Coloradans have been disproportionately hospitalized because of coronavirus

White Coloradans, meanwhile, are proportionately underrepresented in case counts, hospitalizations and deaths.

Opinion: Celebrating Black philanthropy in August and beyond

Littwin: The latest police screwup had to be Aurora, right? Sure, unless it happened somewhere else — anywhere else

We wait for a better explanation why guns would be drawn as cops approached a stolen car that wasn’t stolen, but had children in the backseat. What would have happened if guns had been fired?

Wilson: Restaurant closures show that coronavirus can also kill dreams

Silverman: Voting is a great way to fight bigotry. Remember that in November

Littwin: Imagine being a GOP senator watching Obama speak at John Lewis’ funeral and then going home to defend Trump

Cory Gardner got his chance to separate himself from Trump on the president’s delay-the-election tweet. But the Trump that Obama skewered is the Trump that Gardner and rest of the GOP Senate embrace.

Drew Litton: A little Coloradan dreaming big

“Our” beloved Colorado: Race, privilege, and landscape in the state’s history

Wilson: Kudos to Gov. Polis. Federal intervention has no place in Colorado.

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