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Hispanic, Black Coloradans have been disproportionately hospitalized because of coronavirus

White Coloradans, meanwhile, are proportionately underrepresented in case counts, hospitalizations and deaths.

Littwin: The latest police screwup had to be Aurora, right? Sure, unless it happened somewhere else — anywhere else

We wait for a better explanation why guns would be drawn as cops approached a stolen car that wasn’t stolen, but had children in the backseat. What would have happened if guns had been fired?


Littwin: Imagine being a GOP senator watching Obama speak at John Lewis’ funeral and then going home to defend Trump

Cory Gardner got his chance to separate himself from Trump on the president’s delay-the-election tweet. But the Trump that Obama skewered is the Trump that Gardner and rest of the GOP Senate embrace.


Drew Litton: A little Coloradan dreaming big