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Proposition CC

Proposition CC

TABOR repeal is off the table for 2020. Now it’s Initiative 271, a $2 billion tax hike targeting the wealthy

Vision 2020 Colorado, a coalition behind a tax system overhaul, tells The Sun it will move forward with a graduated income tax measure that will lower taxes for the vast majority

Here’s the top political story of 2019 and the decade in Colorado. And what to watch in 2020.

A survey of political observers from across the partisan ledger put the 2019 legislative session and the U.S. Senate race top of mind.

$10 million poured into 2019 election, but big money couldn’t push Proposition CC to passage

A look at the final campaign cash reports shows plenty of dark money on Proposition CC and two major players betting big on Proposition DD.

With Proposition CC’s failure, Colorado Democrats face a budget crunch in 2020. Here are their 4 options to address it.

Democrats in the Colorado legislature will have to choose between sacrificing parts of their ambitious agenda, or finding creative –– and politically risky –– ways to pay for it

Coloradans keep rejecting statewide tax questions to fund transportation. Democrats are now eyeing a regional approach.

“If the same ideological opposition gathers to any new transportation revenue, we’re running out of ways to tell local communities they can’t act on their own,” said state Rep. Matt Gray, a Broomfield Democrat

Colorado wants to steer more students toward college by driving down higher education costs beyond tuition

Close to half of Colorado’s adult population hasn’t pursued education beyond high school at a time when the majority of jobs demand certificates or degrees

In-state tuition at Colorado universities could rise up to 3% on average under governor’s budget plan

Gov. Jared Polis also says he wants to work with the legislature to find a sustainable solution for transportation funding, which could mean some form of a tax increase. One option is to take a regional approach as opposed to a statewide one.

Comparing voters to their neighbors can dramatically boost turnout. A Colorado mailer, however, really missed the mark.

Studies have shown that when the tactic is put to use in the right way it can be extremely effective. When it’s not, political operatives say, the results can be disastrous.

Nicolais: Choppy waters ahead for Colorado Democrats?

After years benefiting from good fortune and favorable electoral environments, Colorado’s latest election should be a warning for Democrats looking beyond 2020

664 voters in Aurora — home to a neck-and-neck mayoral race — didn’t get their replacement ballots until Election Day

Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold on Friday blasted the U.S. Postal Service, saying it should have notified elections officials about the delayed ballots

Opinion: Colorado said “no” to extreme spending by rejecting Proposition CC

The next fiscal fight in Colorado starts now: A bid to repeal TABOR and one to raise taxes on top earners

The defeat of Proposition CC on the 2019 ballot is not deterring a movement by liberal groups for a graduated income tax system

Here’s a roundup of the most important 2019 local election results in Colorado

From Mike Coffman’s apparent political comeback to an anti-fracking sweep of the City Council in Broomfield and the rejection of big tax measures in the Denver area, these are the results you need to know from Tuesday night

TABOR stands strong in Colorado as Proposition CC fails and voters refuse to allow more state spending

The loss is a blow to Democrats who put the measure on the 2019 ballot and gave conservatives hope after a bruising 2018 election

Meet the million-dollar man behind Proposition CC on Colorado’s 2019 ballot

Dan Ritchie is making his greatest political investment ever and emerging as a leader in the effort to overhaul TABOR

Coloradans for Prosperity is sending people voter “report cards.” Here’s who the group is and what they want.

The Democratic-leaning issue committee is supporting Proposition CC, which seeks to eliminate state spending caps under TABOR. Turnout among Democrats for the 2019 election has been low.

Opinion: Proposition CC isn’t the answer to all of our problems. But it’s a start.

Proposition CC campaign is door-to-door combat as both sides turnout supporters ahead of 2019 election

The 2019 ballot question in Colorado is complicated and heavy with political implications for Democrats and Republicans alike

Opinion: Here’s why the leaders of higher education in Colorado support Prop CC

Carman: Colorado can’t afford not to pass Prop CC. Do something.

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