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Do you know who’s tracking your online activities and storing your data? You could soon in Colorado — maybe.

After Robert Rodriguez got a COVID-19 test last year, he had to log into the testing company’s  site to get his results. But to see them, he needed to verify his identity.  “The questions were like, what month was your mother born, which of these four cars did you own when you were younger, what […]

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Spreadsheet snafu exposes private data of 30,000 Colorado state employees

The personal data of the state’s 30,000 employees was inadvertently exposed earlier this month when a master spreadsheet was shared with benefits administrators at Colorado higher education institutions. After learning of the information breach on Oct. 7, the Colorado Department of Personnel and Administration immediately asked the 38 benefits administrators to delete the email and […]

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Colorado’s unemployment system, slammed with coronavirus claims, inadvertently exposed people’s private data

Colorado’s computerized unemployment system inadvertently exposed private data of an unknown number of people who had recently filed for unemployment.  The unauthorized access was blamed on a programming error made by the technology vendor. The issue was identified and blocked by the vendor within an hour of when it was noticed on Saturday. State officials […]