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primary election

primary election

Nonprofit cash being spent in Colorado campaigns still impossible to trace despite 2019 law

Outside spenders in Colorado's recent primary found ways around transparency, making money tough to track.

Colorado’s GOP U.S. House candidate Lauren Boebert is latest linked to QAnon conspiracy theory

Analysts say Boebert stands the best chance of any of the GOP candidates who have flirted with QAnon to end up in Congress.

Oil and gas donors become an issue in Democratic primary, but most of the money is flowing to the GOP

Former Gov. John Hickenlooper and Andrew Romanoff, Democratic rivals in the U.S. Senate race, have accepted contributions from oil and gas in this campaign

Where Hickenlooper and Romanoff split on major policies in Democratic U.S. Senate primary

Health care, the Green New Deal and the electoral college are three areas where the candidates disagree

2020 battle for power at the Capitol starts with these big-money Colorado legislative primaries

A guide to the top legislative contests in the June 30 primary, where Republicans are debating who is more conservative and Democrats are aiming for progressive bona fides

Colorado’s Democratic race for U.S. Senate is essentially set. It’s Romanoff vs. Hickenlooper.

Andrew Romanoff easily won the top ballot line at the Colorado Democratic Party assembly, where no other candidates qualified for the June primary

How the coronavirus snuffed the primary for U.S. Senate and cemented Hickenlooper as the front-runner

The winner of the Democratic primary will face Republican U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner, who is front-and-center in the COVID-19 response

Nicolais: Colorado’s presidential primary was an improvement, but we still need to make some tweaks

With a few adjustments to account for surprise dropouts and last-minute changes, Colorado would continue its positive progress

Bernie Sanders sits atop Colorado Democratic delegate count but Joe Biden is closing the gap

A Colorado Sun analysis of preliminary vote totals shows how Elizabeth Warren’s departure reshuffles the state’s delegates

The 6 numbers that tell the story of Colorado’s Democratic presidential primary

It was a big night for Bernie Sanders in the state, but Joe Biden also exceeded expectations. Elizabeth Warren came up short and didn’t win a single Colorado county.

Voter guide: Where the Democratic presidential candidates stand on Colorado issues

Ahead of the state’s presidential primary on Super Tuesday, the Democratic candidates talk health care, marijuana, education, public land and beer

Nicolais: Thanks to a recent law change, I’ll be voting in my first Democratic primary this month

Between the ability for unaffiliated voters to cast ballots in major party primaries and the all-mail ballot, Coloradans like me will be more important than ever in the upcoming election

Why winning the Democratic primary in Colorado won’t be easy for Bernie Sanders this time around

The Vermont senator overwhelmingly won the state’s Democratic caucuses in 2016. But in 2020, Colorado’s delegates will be awarded in a primary election that will draw a broader range of voters.