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Opinion: Colorado’s semi-open primary is a success. A fully open primary would be better

When Coloradans voted to open our primary elections to independent voters in 2016, they did so on the simple promise that candidates who represented the values of more Coloradans would have a better chance of winning. That promise was delivered in this year’s primaries –– along with three important lessons which point to the future […]

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Littwin: In Colorado, and at the Jan. 6 hearing in Washington, the Big Lie has a very bad day

In an upset of upsets, they held a Republican primary in Colorado and truth — or some version relatively close to it — actually won the day,  Meaning the Big Lie got crushed. Meaning a solid majority of Colorado Republicans — and those unaffiliated voters who also participated in the GOP primary — must have […]

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Some Colorado sheriff candidates have an unlikely campaign promise: not enforcing the law

More than a dozen candidates campaigning to be top law enforcement officials in counties across Colorado are running on a unique platform: Not enforcing the law.  These candidates fit the profile of a loose movement sometimes referred to as “constitutional sheriffs” whose members promise to act as a bulwark against government overreach and laws passed […]

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Opinion: The sabotage of Joe O’Dea’s campaign defiles our elections

The American political process is in grim shape. Partisanship is rampant. The discourse is ugly and broken. Politicians, activists and the press spend more time trying to “cancel” their political adversaries then they do selling good ideas. The most capable people in our communities rarely run for office because modern campaigns are dominated by a […]

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Colorado primary ballots are now in the mail. Here’s what you need to know heading into June 28.

Colorado county clerks on Monday may begin mailing voters ballots for the June 28 primary election.  This will be the third election cycle in which unaffiliated voters, who make up 45% of the state’s electorate, may cast a ballot in either the Democratic or Republican primaries. Here’s what you need to know to make your […]

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Nicolais: Republicans suing to bar unaffiliated voters from Colorado’s primaries aren’t on the fringe of the party

In 2020, I voted in my first Democratic primary. I am unaffiliated and received ballots for both major parties. The Democratic ballot had more choices and more at stake. This year, I planned to vote in the Republican primary if only to stand against Tina Peters’ campaign to kill democracy. If a group of Republicans […]

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Don Coram makes it official. He’ll challenge Lauren Boebert in the GOP primary.

GRAND JUNCTION – Don Coram hasn’t got a clue if he is “super woke.” “I have no idea what that means,” said the Republican state senator from Montrose before he announced his primary challenge for the 3rd Congressional District Friday afternoon. Lauren Boebert, the freshman congresswoman he is hoping to unseat in the Republican primary, […]

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Colorado Republicans who want to nix 2022 primaries say this group is “manipulating” GOP races

Republicans advocating for their party to opt out of Colorado’s primary elections next year are pointing to a national group’s spending in the GOP’s 2020 primaries as a prime reason that selecting candidates should be kept in-house.  Unite America, which operates state and federal political action committees, got involved in Republican legislative primaries last year, […]