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Opinion: Colorado’s semi-open primary is a success. A fully open primary would be better

When Coloradans voted to open our primary elections to independent voters in 2016, they did so on the simple promise that candidates who represented the values of more Coloradans would have a better chance of winning. That promise was delivered in this year’s primaries –– along with three important lessons which point to the future […]

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Opinion: Colorado bucks partisanship to repeal Gallagher Amendment

In 2003, Colorado voters were asked to repeal the state’s so-called Gallagher Amendment. Gallagher’s approach to property taxes was already starting to show signs of inadequacy. Yet, the promise of a slightly lower property tax rate in the future was too compelling and voters turned down the measure in a landslide, 78-22% vote. When Amendment […]

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Opinion: Amid a global pandemic, could we innovate to find more equality through higher education?

Adry Martinez, a current student at PelotonU in Austin, Texas, has found her groove. It was not always this way. Before coming to PelotonU, Adry attended a state university in California for two years before learning her degree would not set her up for the credential she needed in her career. Heartbroken and frustrated, she […]