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Opinion: Nothing we use for a few minutes should harm our environment for hundreds of years

Our planet is about to be flooded with plastic if we don’t do something to turn the tap off.

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Coronavirus has led to a boom in single-use plastics. NREL is launching a new effort to upcycle them.

Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette was in Golden for the groundbreaking where he pledged the Trump administration’s support for renewable energy efforts, despite proposed budget cuts


Colorado’s milk-delivery companies are boosting business even as milk consumption declines

Their business model -- reusable containers carried away from the front porch -- could help the world’s plastic problem


Colorado has two years to hit its 28% recycling goal. A new report shows we’re nowhere close.

Rural Colorado has already met its 2021 goal, but the Front Range is lagging behind.


Colorado trash companies invest millions to speed up recycling. Now they just need more people to recycle.

U.S. firms are reopening paper mills, expanding plants to turn recycled waste into something useful and need more glass, plastics and paper


Why Styrofoam — amid all of Colorado’s recycling struggles — is being targeted for extinction

The plastic industry warns that there's no guarantee potential foam replacements will be recycled more just because they can be.


Forget plastic bans: Mountain towns try volunteerism, bootcamps as solutions to single-use

Telluride and Mountain Village are working together to find products that can solve the town’s reliance on plastic and recycling


Colorado’s ban on banning plastics has cities’ plans to outlaw single-use bags and straws in limbo

A little-known Colorado law written to protect recycling stands is in the way of cities that want to outlaw straws, plastic grocery bags and Styrofoam containers


Recycling in Colorado is tedious, cost-prohibitive, voluntary — and evolving

As China — the destination for most of Colorado's recycling — gets stricter about what it takes in, Colorado's patchwork of recycling providers is adjusting in big ways and small


Recycling can be a hard sell in rural Colorado. That hasn’t discouraged a resourceful nonprofit effort in tiny Swink.

Clean Valley Recycling started small, but now serves three towns with curbside service and collects everything from books to building materials — all from an old sugar plant