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SunLit Excerpt: “The Entrepreneur’s Weekly Nietzsche” offers philosophical view of business culture

Style “Culture is, before all things, the unity of artistic style, in every expression of the life of a people. Abundant knowledge and learning, however, are not essential to it, nor are they a sign of its existence; and, at a pinch, they might coexist much more harmoniously with the very opposite of culture— with […]

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SunLit Interview: For Dave Jilk and Brad Feld, philosophy mirrors business

Dave Jilk is a former serial entrepreneur and startup CEO in information technology. He is author of several peer-reviewed papers on artificial intelligence as well as two books of poems, “Distilled Moments” (2020) and “Rejuvenilia” (2018). Dave earned his bachelor of science degree in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and currently lives […]

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A Colorado-born tale of the zombie apocalypse details a feast of the undead — with a side of ethics

When Bryan Hall combined two of his favorite things — ethics and horror — into a medium designed to both enlighten and entertain, there was never any doubt about which did which. His just-released book, “An Ethical Guidebook to the Zombie Apocalypse: How to Keep Your Brain without Losing Your Heart,” covers a lot of […]