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Wright Collegiate Challenge enlists Colorado students to solve outdoor business challenges

Colorado students from Western, Mesa and CMC forge plan with mountainFLOW to purge forever-chemical ski waxes


Colorado finds “forever chemicals” PFAS in 100% of fish sampled in three big counties 

In another alarming report about the spread of the toxic waterproofing chemicals, the state says all fish sampled in El Paso, Adams and Jefferson counties were contaminated. Is any level of human consumption safe?


Opinion: These two bills would help reduce toxic exposure

The benefit would be felt most by northeast Denver’s heavily polluted neighborhoods

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As “forever chemical” concerns mount, Colorado lawmakers move to ban product sales

Dangerous materials used in firefighting foam, clothing, nonstick surfaces and more are showing up in drinking water and soil. A new bill joins other states in pushing industry to stop using them.


Colorado attorney general sues makers of firefighting foam that uses “forever chemicals” threatening drinking water

The chemicals, or PFAS, left Colorado with likely the most potential contamination spots in the nation from airfields, fire departments and oil and gas sites.


Colorado issues tough new draft rules on Suncor to limit runoff of dangerous “forever chemicals” into water

State health officials want to crack down on benzene and regulate PFAS “forever chemicals” for the first time at Commerce City refinery.


EPA unveils strategy to regulate toxic “forever chemicals”

The plan is intended to restrict PFAS from being released into the environment, accelerate cleanup of contaminated sites such as military bases and increase investments in research.


Colorado may have more sites with dangerous “forever chemicals” than any other state

A new analysis of an EPA database shows demand for PFAS in fracking and other industries puts Front Range at the top of the contamination list.


Agricultural water contaminated with “forever chemicals” could taint produce, Colorado study finds

The Colorado School of Mines study didn't do real-world tests, but state health monitors say they will pay closer attention in sampling


Colorado water officials to regulate “forever chemicals” found in firefighting foam, nonstick pans

The Water Quality Control Commission voted unanimously Tuesday to regulate per-and poly-fluoroalkyl substances, better known as PFAS or “forever chemicals.”


Colorado lawmakers wanted to tackle the state’s PFAS problem. They are taking more of a baby step.

A bill to regulate harmful “forever chemicals” that contaminate groundwater was chopped in half during its first public hearing

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The Democratic agenda came with a big price tag. Now Colorado budget writers worry about paying the bill.

The rising costs of Gov. Jared Polis’ full-day kindergarten program is part of an estimated $100 million in additional costs lawmakers will need to cover

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