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Denver voters passed a green roof law in 2017. Years later, the gardens have yet to sprout.

Jennifer Bousselot is nearly giddy about how her daily life as a Colorado State University horticulturist will change sometime in 2022, when rooftop green space in north Denver is finally at her disposal.  Bousselot has helped design some of the most alluring features of CSU’s nearly-finished Spur campus at the National Western Center: rooftop greenhouses; […]

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Reimagining Denver’s Livestock Exchange Building means respecting its distinctive past

Back when Denver was a true cowtown and well over half a million cattle, sheep, hogs and horses moved through the city’s bustling livestock center each year, the Livestock Exchange Building was the grand red-brick heart of the city’s agricultural industry. With an $8.5 million sale that was finalized Monday, that ornate, turn-of-the-20th-century building is […]

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600 beds will open at Denver’s National Western complex to give homeless men safer space during coronavirus outbreak

Denver will open 600 beds at the National Western complex to give men who are homeless a place to shelter safely during the outbreak of the new coronavirus, Mayor Michael Hancock said Tuesday. A similar shelter for women is in the works. The beds at the National Western complex are set to open in the […]

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Feed the world in 2050? National Western-based consortium tackles food, workforce challenges

When it comes to a grassroots effort to figure out how to feed the world’s future population, the massive food company Archer Daniels Midland Co. may not be the first –– or last –– advocate to come to mind.  The Chicago conglomerate seems to prefer it that way.  It’s been quietly creating a consortium focused […]

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Meet the city-guy-turned-cattle-rancher driving the $1 billion effort to preserve the National Western Center’s roots

At age 47, long-time Denver architect Brad Buchanan found himself in the uncomfortable position of helping a mama cow give birth. “I had my iPhone propped up in the crook of my shoulder the first time I pulled a calf at four in the morning,” said Buchanan, who, despite his day job in the city, […]