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The first images of OSIRIS-REx touching an asteroid have made it back to Earth

NASA’s first attempt to gather asteroid samples is deemed a success -- though it’s not quite mission accomplished.

How Colorado shaped NASA’s first mission to collect asteroid dirt

Lockheed Martin engineers in Littleton take command as the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft collects samples from the asteroid Bennu to help earthlings better understand the origin of our solar system.

Determining how much water Colorado’s snowpack will yield is an inexact science, but researchers persist

The specter of climate change underscores the importance of gauging how well Colorado’s mountains can wring moisture from those enigmatic flakes

Astronaut LIFE: Colorado’s Sierra Nevada preps an inflatable space house for NASA testing

Louisville Space Systems division designed module that could be part of Gateway spacecraft planned to orbit the moon

Opinion: Federal investment in university research is critical to surging public-private partnerships

Next U.S. moon landing will be by private companies — possibly one from Colorado — not NASA

Deep Space Systems and Lockheed Martin, both of Littleton, are two of the 9 companies competing for the NASA mission

We went to a flat-Earth convention and found a lesson about the future of post-truth life