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Colorado has had a shortage of cybersecurity professionals for years. Here’s how that’s going. 

The pressure was on. Someone, somewhere, was attacking computer systems so customers couldn’t reach certain websites. In a windowless room in Denver, Zack Privette had worked all morning with his security team to figure out what the cyber strangers were up to.  “What’s happened is that we have an attacker who has been going through […]

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What’s Working: Colorado has some of the lowest high gas prices in the U.S.

‘Twas a brutal week for the U.S. economy, especially for those with money to invest (stop checking your stocks already and distract yourself with this Dirty Dancing/Muppets Show mashup instead). In Colorado, the economic news seemed a little more upbeat. The state’s unemployment rate fell to 3.6% in April, the lowest since before the pandemic. […]

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Opinion: Colorado’s investment in more equitable higher-ed funding is a necessary start

Those responsible for managing Colorado’s state budget over the past year – in the Governor’s Office and the legislature – haven’t had it easy. It has been a roller coaster ride, and next year will be challenging too.  While the latest federal stimulus provides needed assistance and the COVID-19 vaccination drive is gaining speed, running […]