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Littwin: More and more people are apparently done with COVID, but is COVID actually done with us?

It requires no special insight to realize that the national mood on the pandemic is in the process of making a dramatic shift, even as the “mild” omicron variant continues to kill Americans at a disturbingly high rate. There is hope, even among some medical scientists, that after omicron finally leaves us, the pandemic will […]

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Denver’s climate change “czar” has a mission and millions of dollars to start carrying it out

State machinations on climate change get a lot of attention in Colorado, but the city of Denver also wants to get in on the game. Denver now has its own climate change office, and thanks to a vote by taxpayers in November, the office will have about $40 million a year to distribute to cut […]

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Opinion: Denver should implement the police task-force recommendations

In our combined experience working with communities across the United States to transform policing, one thing is abundantly clear, especially in Denver: Community members are in the best position to provide solutions to their public safety needs. The Denver community has spoken, and local government leaders should implement the recommendations recently released by the community-led […]

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Colorado’s urban open space past haunts the future of development and community life

A cemetery for nuns. A city golf course where a generation of Black civic leaders met to network. A century-old farm. An abandoned college football stadium. An unloved wedge of an ancient stockyard.  Developers and neighbors are fighting over some of the most precious unpaved spots left up and down Colorado’s Front Range, all the […]

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Opinion: Ban flavored tobacco to protect health of LGBTQ community

October is LGBTQ History Month, which, along with the coinciding National Coming Out Day, provides the community with opportunities for celebration and conscious reflection. An important piece of reflection this year should be on the tobacco industry’s historical targeting of the LGBTQ community, which has resulted in significantly higher than average usage rates and increased […]