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Opinion: With freedom comes responsibility — and that applies to wearing masks

They protest both you and me and everyone around us, and they protect my freedom as well as yours.

Drew Litton: Saying good-bye to a stinker of a year

Opinion: Colorado legislators should model COVID-19 safety guidelines

Opinion: These days, running a small business means wrestling with the unknown

On first day of special legislative session, Colorado lawmakers contend with coronavirus exposure scare

A Republican staffer in the Colorado House was on the chamber’s floor Monday morning despite recently testing positive for COVID-19. She had been cleared to return to work, her boss says.

What’d I Miss?: Facing facts about the COVID crisis

Mask-wearing mandates in Colorado, other states leave big gaps in protection

As new COVID cases, hospitalizations and deaths surge, many public health experts wonder whether it’s time to move beyond the anything-goes approach toward more standardization and higher-quality masks

Carman: Can’t miss Thanksgiving at Grandma’s? Then brace yourself for Christmas in the ICU.

Two churches in Colorado granted exemption from state coronavirus guidelines

Denver Bible Church in Wheat Ridge and Community Baptist Church in Brighton filed a complaint in August against the state's mask mandate and limitations on indoor gatherings

Denver requires mask-wearing outdoors, limits gathering to five people as coronavirus cases rise

New public health orders limiting people's movement were also unveiled Friday in Adams and Arapahoe counties

How mask mandates threw a wrench into Colorado’s revived youth soccer season

Varying safety restrictions have sown confusion, and mask orders for players in competition have moved some clubs to decline to play where they’re required

Jared Polis says Colorado’s mask mandate will continue into November

The directive is set to expire on Oct. 12. At a news conference on Friday, the governor said he will keep it going for at least another 30 days.

Governor extends Colorado’s mask-wearing mandate into at least October

The directive is set to expire this weekend. Gov. Jared Polis is said he'll extend the mandate, at least for another 30 days.

Colorado Supreme Court declines to hear Republican challenge to Gov. Jared Polis’ mask mandate

The court made the decision less than two days after the legal action was submitted by Colorado House Minority Leader Patrick Neville and Michelle Malkin

Colorado’s mask mandate extended into mid September

The mandate, requiring Coloradans to wear a mask when in indoor public spaces, was set to expire this weekend

Are you wearing your mask? Because public health officials in Colorado are watching you to find out.

Tri-County Health Department has been dispatching volunteers to conduct mask surveys since April. Now Boulder and Gunnison counties are starting their own coronavirus recon missions.

Threats, vandalism, job loss: Colorado’s public health officials are under attack as they respond to coronavirus

Across the state, public health departments are facing a barrage of vitriol as they respond to the pandemic. Some officials have up and quit under the pressure, while others who stay say they fear for their safety.

Silverman: Bandimere Speedway is a rush, but coronavirus has us on the verge of crashing

Nicolais: Racine’s may be gone, but plenty of excellent eateries remain open for business

Restaurants like the British Bulldog have fought through hardship to keep customer safe while serving up their daily specials

Littwin: The COVID-19 situation is serious enough that Polis had to risk humiliation in issuing a mask-wearing mandate

Jared Polis had said earlier in the week that mandates don’t work. But, as Colorado cases grow, he has gone from “wear the damn mask” to wear the damn mask or else.

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