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Zornio: Why are Marshall fire victims more worthy of help than the chronically homeless?

It’s been nearly six weeks since I moved into my new house after being displaced by the Marshall fire. It’s not home yet, but it does have the most important elements: Four walls, a roof and appliances to keep me safe, dry and warm. Settling into my new house would not have been possible without […]

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Zornio: Colorado renters need better protections and more enforcement

The Colorado Department of Local Affairs has taken a blunt approach to defining its role in assisting renters with landlord troubles: On a mostly empty webpage, five words direct you to a non-government phone number with subsequent bold text that reads, “The Colorado Division of Housing does not enforce any housing codes nor mediate landlord/tenant […]

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“Our history is gone”: Four families, 6 months after the Marshall fire

Wearing other people’s clothes and living in apartments that feel empty, families displaced by the Marshall fire have started over from nothing. It’s been six months since the wind-whipped fire skipped through Boulder County, burning about 1,000 homes in Superior and Louisville.  Since then, winter has turned to summer, and thousands still are in limbo, […]

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Colorado passed new laws intended to help tenants. But those affected by the Marshall fire say they’re not working. 

Before the Marshall fire burned about 1,000 homes in Louisville and Superior and rained potentially toxic ash on hundreds of others, Colorado strengthened laws for tenants doing battle with landlords.  One law change in 2020 prohibited price gouging, including for rent, after a disaster. Another recent legislative update said landlords have 24 hours to address […]

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Zornio: Fourth of July fireworks shows should be banned in Colorado

For dozens of Colorado cities, honoring America’s 246th birthday means celebrating with a bang. But given the state’s increased fire risk, declining air and water quality and mental health concerns, should taxpayers really keep footing the bill for risky fireworks? At least eight Colorado cities have determined the risk is too high and have already […]