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Climate bills have drawn the most lobbying in Colorado’s 2022 legislative session

Efforts to address climate change are among the most lobbied measures at the Capitol this year as a host of businesses and nonprofits seek to pass, block or amend them. Five of the top 10 lobbied bills this year at the General Assembly address greenhouse gas emissions, according to a Colorado Sun analysis of lobbying […]

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Lobbying spending at the Colorado Capitol set another record. Here’s how much was spent.

Fueled by opposition to a measure seeking to create a public health insurance option, lobbying spending at the Colorado Capitol again reached a record. Nearly $44 million was spent during the 2020-21 fiscal year, which ended June 30, according to a Colorado Sun analysis of filings with the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office. That’s up […]

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Opinion: Polarizing the climate debate is a good way to never achieve climate policy

Last month, more than 500 youth from the Sunrise Movement staged a protest along the perimeter of the White House, holding signs that read “Biden, You Coward, Fight For Us,” after he endorsed an infrastructure deal that didn’t contain the climate provisions they hoped for. Since then, deaths from a historic heatwave have risen, an […]

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Redistricting will reshape Colorado politics. But only 12 lobbyists have disclosed their work to influence the process.

A dozen people are registered to lobby the two commissions redrawing Colorado’s congressional and state legislative districts this year. But that meager number doesn’t reflect the extensive attempts to influence the Colorado Independent Congressional Redistricting Commission and the Colorado Independent Legislative Redistricting Commission.  The commissions were created by voter approval of constitutional Amendments Y and […]

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Colorado education interests spend millions on lobbying. Most of it goes toward retaining, gaining funding.

This story is a collaboration between the Colorado Sun and Chalkbeat. When she was a brand-new legislator besieged by lobbyists, state Sen. Rachel Zenzinger felt a tap on the shoulder from a man telling her she was late for her next committee. The Arvada Democrat rushed to the elevator and the man accompanied her all […]

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Dark-money group spends record amount lobbying against Colorado Democrats’ effort to shrink health care costs

A national nonprofit working against Colorado Democrats’ bill to drive down health care costs in the state is setting spending records, with a dark-money nonprofit dropping nearly $560,000 to oppose the measure over a nine-month period. Partnership for America’s Health Care Future, funded by hospitals, insurers and other business interests, is now the top single-year […]

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Gun control groups are investing millions in Colorado as gun rights spending has dramatically waned

Gun rights and gun control groups spent $15 million on congressional and state-level races in Colorado from  2012 to 2020, according to a Colorado Sun analysis.  Gun-issue groups dropped an additional $2 million to lobby state lawmakers.  The big spending is expected to continue this year following the shooting deaths of 10 people last month […]

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The Colorado Capitol’s hallways are where dealmaking happens. Coronavirus has emptied them.

The normally bustling-with-activity basement cafeteria is draped in caution tape. The lobbies outside the House and Senate chambers, where spittle flies and influence peddlers jostle for a view of lawmakers, are closed. Railings in the Colorado Capitol corridors, where real estate can be hard to come by because they are lined with lobbyists, are mostly […]

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Son of powerful Denver lobbyist Norm Brownstein is pardoned by Trump

The son of powerful Denver lobbyist Norm Brownstein was pardoned by President Donald Trump early Wednesday as Trump prepared to leave office. Drew “Bo” Brownstein, who ran a hedge fund, pleaded guilty in 2011 to making illegal stock trades a year earlier that netted him about $2.4 million. He was sentenced to spend a year […]