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Leslie Herod

Leslie Herod

Colorado lawmakers’ coronavirus aid plans include distributing $22.5 million in taxpayer money through nonprofits

Democrats claim that sending the money through non-governmental organizations will ensure it is distributed quickly. Republicans worry about plans to send aid to people living in the U.S. illegally.

“Black in Denver” illustrates through photos — and words — the vast diversity of the Black diaspora

Nashville-born artist Narkita Gold might have chosen a larger canvas, like Chicago or New York, but she found “communities” in Colorado

Colorado Democrats debate need for diversity in selecting their statehouse leadership

The debate among Democrats in the House and Senate reflected the heightened importance of diversity within the Democratic Party following a summer of social unrest around race and police abuse

Colorado’s hair discrimination law — the CROWN Act — goes into effect

The Colorado law also redefines the characteristics of discrimination to include “hairtexture, hairtype, or a protective hairstyle that is commonly or historically associated with race."

The first two efforts to defund police in Colorado quickly failed. Will a push at CU be the first to succeed?

The Colorado legislature passed a sweeping police accountability bill in the wake of George Floyd protests, but so far efforts to replace law enforcement with mental health workers have failed.

Colorado’s 2015 law changing how officer-involved shootings are reviewed still lets police agencies investigate themselves

State lawmakers and prosecutors are vowing to push for and support changes after questions from The Colorado Sun about the measure

This mic is on: Black women in Colorado take over Instagram accounts of white allies

The #ShareTheMicCO swapping of social accounts was spurred by national effort to give black women a louder voice

Colorado Democrats unveil sweeping police accountability bill in response to George Floyd’s death

The legislation is expected to be introduced as soon as Wednesday in the Colorado Senate and comes in response the death last week of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis

Colorado still allows killers to use gay or transgender “panic” defenses. But the strategy could soon be outlawed.

The strategy has recently been outlawed in a number of states, including California, New York and New Jersey. It’s still used in Colorado, though sparingly.

Colorado wants to let pharmacists write prescriptions for HIV prevention drugs

House Bill 1061 to make PrEP available at pharmacies without a doctor's visit is aimed at eliminating HIV infections in Colorado as prevention funding is cut and access plateaus

As Democrats try to end private prisons in Colorado, critics warn of economic ruin for rural areas

A package of supplemental spending bills includes money to reopen a shuttered state prison as a private one closes

Taxpayers are only covering Democrats’ legal fees in a partisan Colorado legislature lawsuit. Republicans say that’s unfair.

The case has cost taxpayers $40,000 and counting, more than half of which was appropriated without necessary lawmaker approval

Gov. Polis said he wanted to close a private prison. GEO Group beat him to it, leaving Colorado scrambling.

The Cheyenne Mountain Reentry Center will shutter on March 7, leaving 642 inmates and 180 employees in limbo. Colorado says it will likely mean jail backlogs, parole releases and prison crowding.

“We’ll see where it goes”: Impeachment has provided rocket fuel to the ascent of Colorado’s Joe Neguse

The 35-year-old congressman from Lafayette has risen quickly through the ranks of the Democratic Party in Colorado -- and the nation. What’s next?

A new Colorado law makes possessing 13,000 fatal fentanyl doses a misdemeanor. Prosecutors are worried.

Colorado lawmakers this year passed a bill to reduce incarceration by making possession of 4 grams or less of most drugs a misdemeanor instead of a felony

11,467 Colorado parolees can now vote after new law goes into effect

A new law banning vaping indoors, in places like restaurants and workplaces, also went into effect Monday

A breakdown of the 8 issues Colorado lawmakers will study before the 2020 legislative session

The Democratic-led General Assembly is analyzing topics ranging from school safety and college affordability to private prisons and tax breaks

Colorado jails can’t hold people accused of low-level crimes in lieu of bail anymore. And that means current inmates could be released.

At least one Colorado county jail believes they have inmates who could have to be released under the new law

From bail reform to restoring voting rights and sealing records, Colorado’s criminal justice system is getting a makeover

A slate of bills making their way through the Colorado legislature would keep people out of jail, reduce penalties for some crimes and remove barriers for offenders once they are released from prison. Many of the measures have bipartisan support, but In some cases law enforcement want the brakes pumped.

Colorado’s prisons offer free tampons to female inmates. The state’s jails might soon be required to as well.

House Bill 1224 arose out of an effort two years ago in the Colorado legislature. “There are jails that do not understand this,” said Denver Sheriff Department Chief Elias Diggins.

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