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Leroy Garcia

Leroy Garcia

Two big-name Colorado Democrats are already exploring 2022 bids to unseat Lauren Boebert

State Sen. Kerry Donovan of Vail and state Rep. Dylan Roberts of Avon say they are in discussions to launch a campaign to oust the Republican next year

2 hours ago

Lauren Boebert is sued in federal court for blocking constituent on Twitter

Bri Buentello, a former Democratic state representative who lives in Pueblo, brought the legal action on Sunday

Colorado Democrats unveil details of their coronavirus relief plans for the special legislative session

Democrats, who are in the majority, are prioritizing eight bills for the lawmaking term that begins Monday. The aid totals about $200 million, with an additional $100 million to help Colorado's public health response.

Colorado governor unveils new coronavirus restrictions aimed at preventing lockdowns

Coronavirus is running so rampant in many counties -- including Denver, Adams and Jefferson -- they should already be locked down under metrics defining the state’s old dial system.

Pueblo flipped to Trump from Obama in 2016. How the swing county votes this year will speak volumes.

Will Joe Biden be able to do what Hillary Clinton couldn't four years ago?

Colorado’s sweeping police accountability bill now requires officers to face imminent threat before using deadly force

Another amendment added to Senate Bill 217 on Monday prohibits officers from using tear gas on protesters without warning. The measure now has bipartisan support.

Law enforcement warns of unintended consequences with Colorado Democrats’ sweeping police accountability bill

Police and prosecutors say there are aspects of Senate Bill 217 that represent positive and needed steps forward, but other provisions put officers and the public at risk. Democrats say it’s a necessary measure that’s been a long time coming.

Colorado Democrats unveil sweeping police accountability bill in response to George Floyd’s death

The legislation is expected to be introduced as soon as Wednesday in the Colorado Senate and comes in response the death last week of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis

Shots fired during Denver protest of Minneapolis man’s death; vehicles vandalized, demonstrator hit by car

There were no immediate reports of serious injuries during the event organized over the death of George Floyd

Colorado legislature delays its return date until late May to allow more time to balance budget

The General Assembly was originally set to resume the 2020 legislative session on May 18 after taking a months-long pause because of the new coronavirus

A lawmaker returns to frontlines of the coronavirus fight as an ER nurse: “You can see a tsunami coming”

State Rep. Kyle Mullica, an ER nurse, recorded an audio diary from a day treating potential COVID-19 patients at a hospital in Denver

Colorado legislature shuts down for 2 weeks because of coronavirus

All pending legislation will remain in place until lawmakers return to finish the 120-day lawmaking term

Should the Colorado legislature shut down because of coronavirus? The conversation is well underway.

The Colorado General Assembly’s leadership is seeking information on what it would mean for them to temporarily halt lawmaking as COVID-19 anxieties spread. One top lawmaker is already urging people to postpone Capitol tours.

Joe Biden’s “inexplicable” no-show strategy makes him an outlier in Colorado’s presidential primary

The former vice president is the only Democratic candidate to not hold a public event in Colorado as other campaigns flood the state

Sen. Pettersen makes history as one of first state lawmakers to give birth during Colorado legislative session

Davis James Silverii was born on Sunday. “He’s doing amazingly well and so is mom,” said Ian Silverii, the dad.

Taxpayers are only covering Democrats’ legal fees in a partisan Colorado legislature lawsuit. Republicans say that’s unfair.

The case has cost taxpayers $40,000 and counting, more than half of which was appropriated without necessary lawmaker approval

Gov. Jared Polis wants to go even bigger in 2020. Here’s his State of the State address, annotated.

The Democratic governor’s speech was interrupted at the start by protesters, and other demonstrations at the Capitol led to arrests

In Colorado House, Democrats celebrate achievements and promise more. Here’s the agenda, annotated.

House Speaker KC Becker made clear Democrats plan to continue their far-reaching effort to reshape the state that began a year ago

Colorado’s Senate president was unusually progressive in his opening remarks. Here they are, annotated.

Garcia, a Pueblo Democrat, delved into issues like socioeconomic class disparities and money in politics during his speech on the first day of the 2020 legislative session.

A partisan lawsuit is looming over Colorado’s 2020 legislative session — and getting costly for taxpayers

Republicans in the state Senate last year sued Democrats when they used several computers to speed-read legislation GOP lawmakers wanted to be read at length. The legal action remains ongoing.

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